Jharkhand man gifts his professor a sketch, his priceless reaction is now a viral video

Heartwarming Video from St Xavier's College in Ranchi, Jharkhand, captures a professor's delightful reaction to receiving a sketch from a student.

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A touching video originating from St Xavier's College in Ranchi, Jharkhand, has taken the internet by storm, resonating with viewers worldwide. Instagram user Chandrakant Kumar shared the heartening clip, showcasing his teacher's delightful reaction upon receiving a gifted sketch.

The video unfolds with a student presenting a sketchbook to his professor, initially mistaken for a print. The professor's intrigue grows as he questions, "Ye print hai (Is this printed)?" only to be corrected by another student, revealing that it is, in fact, a hand-drawn sketch.

The professor's face lights up in amazement at this revelation, prompting him to inquire about the artist behind the apparent 'masterpiece.' The video prominently features Chandrakant's sketch of his professor, capturing the moment of astonishment and admiration.

Upon learning the identity of the talented student, the professor enthusiastically expresses his admiration, using words like "super re" and "haww" to convey his appreciation for the skill and effort evident in the sketch. Encouraging Chandrakant, he remarks, "You should definitely become an artist. Iska koi comparison nahi hain (There’s no comparison)."

The video, titled "Epic Reaction of my professor (St. Xavier's College Ranchi)," was shared on Instagram and quickly went viral, amassing millions of views. Viewers from around the world took to the comments section to share their thoughts, with one remarking, "When he said 'iska koi comparison nahi hain (There’s no comparison),' he really meant it."

Another commenter, expressing a shared passion for art, mentioned, "I'm also a little artist and I also want to upload videos but himat nhi hai."

As the heartwarming video approached nearly 5 million views, social media users continued to pour in their appreciation, with one user stating, "Best reaction an artist can get," and another drawing a parallel with the iconic teacher from "Taare Zameen Par," saying, "Mujhe Taare Zameen ka teacher ki yaad aa gayi (Reminded me of the teacher of Taare Zameen Par)."

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