IAS officer shares pic of her UPSC Mains marksheet, internet is inspired

IAS officer Sonal Goel recently shared her inspiring journey to achieving her dream of joining the civil services. Despite facing setbacks, including low marks in her first attempt at the UPSC Civil Services Examination, Goel's unwavering determination ultimately led to her triumphant success.

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In a heartfelt reflection shared on social media platform X, IAS officer Sonal Goel opened up about her remarkable journey towards fulfilling her dream of serving in the civil services. The post, which surfaced on February 21, included a snapshot of her UPSC Civil Services 2007 Mains marksheet, capturing a pivotal moment in her life.

Drawing widespread attention online, Goel's narrative detailed her evolution from a setback in her initial attempt at the UPSC Civil Services Examination in 2007 to her eventual triumph in May 2008.

Despite facing disappointment initially, particularly with low marks in General Studies papers leading to a missed interview opportunity, Goel emphasized her unwavering determination throughout the ordeal.

"Every setback and failure is an opportunity to learn, improvise, and ultimately, triumph," Goel expressed in her post, urging aspiring civil servants to pursue their ambitions ardently and steadfastly hold onto their dreams.

The post quickly gained traction, amassing over 50k views as social media users lauded the IAS officer for her inspirational narrative.

One user reflected, "Nostalgic and priceless treasures. Achieve new horizons of excellence in your professional life," while another noted, "Great to see commerce was your optional subject. Rarely do aspirants opt for commerce or accountancy."

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