Elephant lifts safari truck with tourists in shocking viral video, watch

The viral video depicts a harrowing encounter between an enraged elephant and a safari truck full of tourists.

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Elephant lifts safari truck with tourists in shocking viral video, watch


 A heart-stopping video circulating online captures the sheer power and unpredictability of nature. The footage shows an elephant in a rage, repeatedly charging and attempting to overturn a safari truck carrying tourists.

The dramatic scene unfolded on what seemed like a routine safari drive. As the vehicle came to a stop, a massive elephant emerged onto the road just ahead. Without warning, the elephant lowered its head and rammed the front of the truck, rocking the vehicle violently.

Shouts of panic can be heard from the people inside as the driver desperately tries to deter the elephant, slapping the side of the truck and yelling "Go away!" But the enraged animal only redoubled its efforts, slamming its bulk against the truck over and over in an attempt to flip it over.

Momentarily, the elephant broke off the assault, giving the driver a window to rapidly reverse away from the threat. As the truck backpedaled, the elephant turned away as well, stomping off the road into the bush.

The 44-second video, which went viral after being posted on Instagram, is a gripping reminder that even seasoned wildlife guides can find themselves in terrifyingly precarious situations when animals assert their dominance.

Viewers reacted with a mix of awe and criticism on social media. Some marveled at the elephant's raw strength, able to dead-lift and violently shake the large truck. "Bro, how strong are his tusks?" one commenter wondered.

But others condemned the safari company for putting people in harm's way by allowing them to encroach on the elephant's territory. "I don't know, maybe don't get so close to a 6000-pound animal and let them live in peace?" one person remarked. 

Another wrote, "This is a sign to respect the animal's space."

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