Brace yourself, because here comes the 'chai ice-cream roll', viral video disgusts Internet

The newest fusion dessert to go popular on the internet is chai ice cream.

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New Delhi: If you ask folks what their favorite dessert is, they will all say ice cream. While ice cream always has something to give to everyone - for the classics we had vanilla, chocolate, and for the fruit lover's there are mango, banana flavoured ice creams. And among Indians, chai is one of the favorites! Saying that we are all enamored with tea won't be an overstatement. But could you ever think that your favourite beverage and your favourite dessert would come together as one? The newest fusion dessert to go popular on the internet is chai ice cream. The viral video is shared on Instagram by user named @f4foodi and it has so far amassed 109,000 likes. Watch it here:

In the viral video, the ice cream vendor appears to be making the highly famous ice cream roll with a chai twist! He begins by putting a cup of tea onto the chilled surface. Next, he adds milk and chocolate sauce and begins working on the ice cream. He cuts through the frozen components several times until the ice cream is thoroughly mixed. He rolls the ice cream and tops it with chocolate sauce once it has hardened. The chai ice cream is is here! 

The clip has received over  109,000 likes and numerous comments. Netizens were completely disgusted with the dish and didn't hold back their emotions in the comments section.  Here is what they had to say about these bizarre fusion desserts:

"Bhagwan maaf nahi karega."

"Petition to bring dislike button to IG for such acts"

"Ye kya chai ke sth itni ghatiya harkt bhut hi badi bakchodi h ye narak se bhi nikale jaoge tum"



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