Ayodhya Ram Lalla sculptor Arun Yogiraj shares never-seen-before image from idol carving process

Renowned sculptor Arun Yogiraj recently shared a rare glimpse into the creation process of the Ram Lalla idol for the Ayodhya temple on Instagram.

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Arun Yogiraj, the talented sculptor behind the creation of the Ram Lalla idol gracing the 'garbha griha' of the Ayodhya temple, delighted fans by unveiling an exclusive glimpse into the statue's making process on Instagram. The shared image offers a rare insight into Yogiraj's meticulous craftsmanship before the consecration ceremony held on January 22.


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In a reflective caption accompanying the post, Arun Yogiraj expressed the significance of physically connecting with the sculpture during its creation phase. "At the time of work in progress… Even after feeling confident about the proportions and symmetry, feeling the Ram Lalla through our sensitive touch will make a big difference in the final outcome," he shared, underscoring the emotional investment poured into each stroke of his artistry.

The image shared by Yogiraj captures him poised before the Ram Lalla sculpture, delicately holding the idol's chin, symbolizing both reverence and dedication to his craft.

The Instagram post quickly gained traction, amassing over 25,000 likes within a short span of time, with admiration pouring in from all corners. Users flooded the comments section with words of praise, lauding Yogiraj's skill and dedication. "Great work, so proud of you," remarked one user, while another chimed in, "This is so beautiful." Heart emoticons flooded the comment section, showcasing the overwhelming appreciation for Yogiraj's artistry.

The Ram Lalla idol, a masterpiece crafted from an azure-coloured Krishna Shila (black schist), stands at an impressive 51 inches tall. Depicting Lord Ram as a 5-year-old child standing on a lotus, the statue embodies grace and divinity, capturing the essence of the revered deity.

Arun Yogiraj hails from a lineage of distinguished sculptors, although his journey to prominence took a detour through the corporate world following his MBA. However, drawn back to his true passion, Yogiraj embraced sculpting as his calling in 2008. Since then, his remarkable creations have garnered global acclaim, solidifying his place as a master of his craft in the world of sculpture.

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