Mahie Gill beaten and assaulted on sets of 'Fixer', Ekta Kapoor and crew refuse to take police help

Mahie Gill almost shed tears while narrating the incident of assault in the video which Ekta Kapoor shared

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Mahie Gill beaten and assaulted on sets of 'Fixer', Ekta Kapoor and crew refuse to take police help


A horrific incident hit the sets of Mahie Gill starrer Fixer on Wednesday. The cast and crew of the set, including Mahie herself, were assaulted amidst the shooting of their web series, despite them going the official way, claimed the producer of the film Sakett Saawhney.

The video, shared by Ekta Kapoor, revealed their director of photography Santosh Tundyal with a bandage over his head and director Soham Shah holding his arms. Meanwhile, as producer Sakett Saawhney narrated the incident, Mahie Gill became teary-eyed. They claimed that the cops were also involved in the assault and hence, refused to take their help. Hence, Ekta Kapoor posted the video on her Instagram handle to reach out to people for help.

"We were shooting in a factory today with valid permission and due money paid to the location manager. We were shooting since 7 am and around 4.30 pm, some four people barged in, drunk, with sticks and rods in their hands. They attacked our artistes, technicians and crew. They said we cannot shoot there without their permission. There was no scope for dialogue, discussion. They manhandled women, attacked our director of photography, our director has dislocated his shoulder," Sakett said in the video.

He also revealed that the DOP of the film got stitches, the director dislocated his shoulder and that the females were manhandled badly, hinting towards Mahie Gill, who was beaten up and assaulted in the middle of the shoot. Narrating the incident, Gill said, "They started beating me up and hence I went to the vanity van. I saw them hitting people like animals," adding, "We are not going to the police as they themselves were telling the goons to hit us."

Saket then intervened and mentioned how the cops said they will take care of what's happening and shut the compound gates, elaborating, "They said come to court and then take your stuff. This is total harassment. We have consciously taken a call to not file a police complaint as you will call the other party, give them an NC (non-cognisable offence) and they will be out on bail. We, on the other hand, will forever be running to the court and be branded as 'criminals'. It is harassment for the industry."

Watch the whole video here:


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This not the first time when an on-location set has been attacked. Two years back, Sanjay Leela Bhansali was attacked thrice while he was shooting for Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor starrer Padmaavat. The filmmaker had then received police protection in order to complete his film.

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