Lock Upp: Payal Rohatgi threatens to 'spit' in Vinit Kakar's food

During a heated conversation, wild card contestant Vinit Kakar loses his cool over Payal Rohatgi when the latter threatens to spit in his food.

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Wild card contestant Vinit Kakar gets into a heated argument with Payal Rohatgi, as the latter threatens to spit in his food. Yesterday, in the arena task, Payal and her team underperform, and this irks her. Payal tells Shivam that he failed to complete the duty a day before. Shivam firmly states, "Payal, you only play the blame game." During the conflict, Payal says, "I had selected you in my team by bidding for you, not Munawar remember that." The fight gets interrupted by Anjali and Vinit. As Payal was cooking at the time, Vinit orders her to "do your work nicely, make good food!" He also calls Payal a slacker. Payal losses her cool and says, "If you keep making demands like this, I'm going to spit on your food." This breaks hell loose, and Vinit lashes out at Payal. 

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Suddenly, everyone goes against Payal, and they disgust on her gesture. Anjali asks housemates if they want to eat food cooked by Payal, and majoirty of them refuses. During the arena task, jailor Karan Kundrra loses his temper in front of Mandana Karimi, resulting in a dramatic confrontation. Mandana and Karan will have a massive brawl during the physical task. Karan will become enraged as she tries to defend herself by claiming that no one can treat a woman in this manner. He shows Mandana the way out as she claims she doesn't want to stay.


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He then yells, “I will not allow anyone to use the stupid woman card when it’s not necessary. This is 2022 India madam’. Mandana and Karan are seen in a furious quarrel at the play area in the ALTBalaji promo. He tells her that she won't be able to teach him how to play his part. She claims she was attempting to help as he continues to chastise her for breaking the rules. Mandana also claims that she was attempting to save a woman, which Karan claims she was not permitted to do. Mandana goes on to claim that she doesn't want to stay in a show as the jailor reminds her of the restrictions.

As far as the nominations are concerned, Ali Merchant, Nisha Rawal, Payal Rohatgi, Poonam Pandey, Azma Fallah are nominated for this week's eviction. 

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