'Bigg Boss 12' December 14, 2018 Written Update: Sreesanth sends Deepak Thakur, Romil Chaudhary & Rohit Suchanti to jail

Here's all that happened in tonight's episode of Bigg Boss 12...

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The episode begins with Day 88, when Romil Chaudhary is having a conversation with Somi Khan. He asks her whether she wanted to make a ‘love angle’ with Deepak Thakur for the sake of the show. Somi says that initially she didn’t take Deepak’s gestures seriously, but clarifies that she hasn’t got any feelings for Deepak. She adds that she now respects Deepak’s feelings because he takes a lot of care of her. Romil then questions Somi on what all can she sacrifice for her friends like Romil. Somi defends herself and says that she has always done whatever she could for Romil.

Late at night, Sreesanth can be seen oiling Dipika Kakar’s hair in the bedroom.

The next morning, Bigg Boss 12 housemates wake up to the tunes of the song Dil Dance Maare Re from Tashan at 8 am. At 8: 45 am, Romil is still seen sleeping when the alarm starts ringing. Surbhi Rana comes to him and reminds him that the alarm rang for him yesterday too and now they’ve also given up mattresses. Bigg Boss asks Romil to wear his mic. Somi asks if its Romil’s habit to break rules in the morning itself. Romil replies very rudely to her.

In the garden area, Somi Khan and Rohit Suchanti are having a conversation. Somi tells Rohit how she’s hurt by Rohit’s conversation last night and the way he spoke to her.

Around 9: 15 am, Somi tells Romil that he keeps saying how he will repay all that Somi has done for him but he is a very mean and selfish person and that he’s trying to portray her in a negative light. Surbhi and Rohit on the other hand, are talking about Karanvir Bohra. They say that KV hasn’t got any mind of his own. He only listens to whatever Deepak tells him.

KV and Deepak are talking in another corner. KV tells Deepak that for him, all that matters is, his self-respect and his friends. He cannot use people for his own benefit, like Surbhi.  

At 2 pm, Bigg Boss asks the housemates to pick the best performer on the basis of the task that took place yesterday. Deepak and Surbhi consider that Sreesanth should be the best performer since he was the game-changer and because of his master-stroke in the end, their team won the task. Sree feels Dipika was the best. Dipika Kakar feels Sree was the best performer. Somi tells Surbhi that she doesn’t agree with Sree and Dipika and feels that she was the best performer.

On the other hand, Romil also tries to convince KV and Deepak that Somi should be considered the best performer. In the living area, while the rest of the housemates agree to Sreesanth’s name, Somi says that she doesn’t agree. In the bedroom area, Rohit tells Surbhi that somewhere in her heart even Somi knows that Sree deserved to be the best performer but because she’s nominated this week and may want to prove some point, she’s taking her own name.

Finally, when Bigg Boss asks Surbhi to name the best performer, Surbhi takes the name of Sreesanth. Dipika reads out the letter that has the instructions for the best performer to select three candidates for the Kaalkothri ki sazaa. Three gongs will ring at various points of time. After each gong, Sree will have to take the name of one contestant to go to the kaalkothri. In the meantime between two gongs, the other housemates can talk to Sreesanth and advice him on who should be sent to the kaalkothri but the final decision will rest with Sree.

After that, Romil tells Deepak that now Sreesanth has the power to send people to kaalkothri, that’s why they should have taken Somi’s name, because she’s a friend and she would have saved them from jail punishment. Deepak says that he felt what he did was was right.

Romil tells Somi that she should take care of him when he goes to the jail. Somi says that she will also take Romil’s name. They have a verbal spat.

In the washroom area, KV tells Sreesanth that Rohit should be sent to jail because of him calling KV  a dog repeatedly last night. Somi then goes to Sree and tells him that she feels Romil should be sent to jail because he’s overconfident and he considers others to be weak. Surbhi takes Deepak’s name and says that he misbehaves. Dipika takes Romil’s name, calling him out for being over-confident. Rohit too takes Romil’s name for the same reason. In the living area, Somi and Romil’s verbal spat continues.

The first gong goes, Sreesanth announces that the first person to go inside the jail is Romil, after talking to the housemates and mainly because he repeatedly didn’t obey Bigg Boss’s orders and kept sleeping in the morning and is too arrogant.

In the dining area, Surbhi and Somi are talking about Deepak and how badly he behaved during the task. Somi also points out how Rohit too behaved too aggressively and used foul words during the task. Another verbal brawl begins between Rohit and Deepak over whose behaviour was worse.

Surbhi wants to talk to KV and know about whom does he want to send to jail, KV says that that decision rests with him and he’ll tell only Sreesanth and that he doesn’t want to discuss it with her. Meanwhile, Rohit asks why is Somi getting agitated when he’s talking about Deepak.

Deepak tells Sreesanth that Rohit should be jailed. On the next gong, Sreesanth tells Bigg Boss that after speaking with the housemates and also considering his own thoughts, Rohit should be jailed because he is also feeling uncomfortable because he has to sleep without a mattress. So like Romil, Rohit should also bear the brunt and go to jail.

In the jail, Romil, Rohit have an argument with Somi. In the house, KV tells Sree that the third candidate for jail should be Surbhi because of her attitude during her captaincy. The way she has been reacting during her captaincy tenure, her aggression as a captain during the entire week, she deserves to be in the jail. Sree says he saw all of that.

Surbhi tries to justify herself, saying that KV and Deepak are just trying to extract revenge from her because of her being a fair sanchalak during the task. Meanwhile Deepak tries to justify his over aggressive action against Surbhi during the task but fails to do so. Dipika comes to Sreesanth and tells him that according to her Deepak should go to jail, owing to his aggression.

At the next gong, Sreesanth announces that both Surbhi and Deepak’s name have come to him, but since he has to take the call, he wants Deepak to go to jail.

Later in the evening, Bigg Boss asks the housemates which nominated contestant out of Somi, KV and Rohit doesn’t deserve to go to the 14th week. A basketful of balls for each of the three nominated contestant is kept in the garden area and Sree is required to throw a ball from the contestant whose name is taken by the housemates.

The first one to take the name is Surbhi. She takes KV’s name and calls him undeserving to go to the 14th week of the show, saying that he hasn’t been able to show his true character on the show so far and seems lost. Sree picks one ball from KV’s basket and throws it through the gate.

KV takes Rohit’s name saying that he lacks the qualities of leadership and the spirit to win the game. Sree throws a ball from Rohit’s basket. Sree too takes Rohit’s name. Another ball from Rohit’s basket is thrown. Dipika and Somi too take Rohit’s name because of his negative attitude and bad behaviour. Romil too takes Rohit’s name, saying that he hasn’t got the spirit to win and hasn’t shown any improvement. Sree keeps throwing a ball from Rohit’s basket.

Rohit takes KV’s name. A ball from KV’s basket is thrown by Sree. Deepak also takes Rohit’s name and Sree throws a ball from KV’s basket. After the task is over, KV tells Surbhi that he wanted to talk to her but now there’s nothing left to talk about. Surbhi tries to justify herself that she’s standing in the 13th week along with a celebrity like KV who has a vote bank. She needs to eliminate her competition. In the jail, Romil says that Surbhi is right.

In the house, KV says that the task required them to name who doesn’t deserve to go to the 14th week and not to eliminate competition. Surbhi again justifies her decision.

In the jail, Romil is explaining how Sreesanth has closely studied the last season of Bigg Boss and observed how the entire Bigg Boss 11 revolved around Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde and their fights and emotional moments. Romil says that Sree is trying to replicate the same by picking on Dipika’s emotions. He says that Sree is a very smart player and 60 percent of all the things that he says and does are all to create drama and are not his true emotions.

Meanwhile, in the garden area, Somi tells KV that initially, he used to revolve around Dipika and Srishty Rode and now he’s doing the same thing by revolving around Surbhi. KV says that Surbhi only uses everyone for her own benefit in the show, she goes from person to person because she can’t survive alone in the show and adds that he can’t do the same. KV says that Surbhi has done this because he had taken her name for kaalkothri, so she’s taking revenge. Somi says she knows this and hence she doesn’t spend much time with Surbhi. KV says that only two weeks are left for the show to end and he will only concentrate on himself and not be used for Surbhi’s advantage any more. The episode comes to an end.

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