Watch: This couple takes a drone on their honeymoon--the results are epic

Selfies are so 2014. Smile for the dronie.

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Kaz and Mariko, the Japanese couple who took a drone along on their 41-country honeymoon

If ever the word ‘dronie’ catches on, you should be able to pinpoint it to this very couple from Japan. Kaz and Mariko ​Yamaguchi who recently spent their honeymoon by very unconventionally deciding to trek across 41 countries, decided to step it up even further by documenting their experiences in epic fashion--with a drone.

Kaz, the operator of the drone, states that he flew it only twice before their honeymoon, but that certainly doesn’t show through in those stunning zoom-out shots that only only a drone soaring away from the viewer can deliver. It’s like a video selfie, only taken by someone with a one-kilometer long hand.

They have already traveled across countries like Laos, Vietnam, China, Dubai, Ethiopia and Ecuador and have recorded numerous ‘dronies’, each one more stunning than the other.

In an interview with, Kaz said that they left Japan in July 2015 and are still on the road, due to return home only in August this year. And with an unparalleled set of video memories, of course.

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