WATCH: Tesla CEO Elon Musk threatened over crypto tweets by hacker group Anonymous

The politically charged hacker group posted a video blasting Elon Musk for "constantly trolling" cryptocurrency markets.

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WATCH: Tesla CEO Elon Musk threatened over crypto tweets by hacker group Anonymous

SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk was targeted by a notorious group of hackers -- called Anonymous -- who are liable for committing some of the biggest digital scams in the recent past.

According to the New York Post, the politically charged hacker group posted a video blasting Musk for "constantly trolling" cryptocurrency markets.

In their latest video, they have targeted Musk, claiming the power he uses over cryptocurrency markets and the arrogant way he uses it has gone far enough especially as it pertains to Bitcoin, which has reacted uncontrollably to Elon's words of late.

Watch the video here:

"For the past several years you have enjoyed one of the most favourable reputations of anyone in the billionaire class because you have tapped into the desire that many of us have to live in a world with electric cars and space exploration," a person with a digitally altered voice said in the video, posted to Twitter on Saturday.

"Recently people are beginning to see you as another narcissistic rich due who is desperate for attention," it added.

Anonymous affirmed that even though Musk has "positioned himself as concerned about the environment with Tesla's pivot away from Bitcoin, he doesn't practice what he preaches within the company itself- hurling many allegations against him and Tesla's practices at large," TMZ reported.

The message came after Musk posted yet another cryptic tweet about Bitcoin that devalued the asset on Friday.

"Millions of retail investors were really counting on their crypto gains to improve their lives," the figure in the video said.

"Of course, they took the risk upon themselves when they invested, and everyone knows to be prepared for volatility in crypto, but your tweets this week show a clear disregard for the average working person," it added.

Anonymous, which has been linked to cyber attacks on police departments, politicians, financial companies and religions, went on to issue what appeared to be a vague warning to the tycoon.

"You may think you are the smartest person in the room, but now you have met your match. We are Anonymous! We are legion. Expect us," the person said.

Musk did not address the thinly veiled threat directly, but about 20 minutes after the group's post, Musk tweeted; "Don't kill what you hate, Save what you love."

Musk recently announced that the company has stopped accepting bitcoin as payment for its cars out of concern- that it will contribute to greater consumption of fossil fuels.

The business magnate and SpaceX founder shared a statement on Twitter on Wednesday about the same. Tesla had only just started accepting bitcoin in late March.

The 49-year-old industrial designer also said that Tesla will no longer sell any more of the USD 1.5 billion stashes of bitcoin it purchased earlier this year. Tesla sold some of that bitcoin in the first quarter of 2021, which wound up helping pad the company's quarterly profit figures.

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