UAE man stops wife from playing PUBG, she asks for divorce

The woman in question came to the Social Centre to ask for help in the dispute that turned violent.

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We have read a lot about how addictive the Battle Royale game PUBG can really get. However, the current popularity of the game indicates that such tales are not a thing of past. According to the report, a young woman in the UAE has asked for a divorce from her husband after he stopped her from playing PUBG. The report noted that this case is one of “the most bizarre cases” that has come to the attention of the Social Centre at Ajman in the UAE. The reason this case is bizarre is that it is connected to gaming.

The case for divorce was reported by Gulf News about a week back. According to the report, the woman in question came to the Social Centre to ask for help in the dispute that turned violent. Captian Al Hosani, the Director of the Social Centre revealed, “The woman justified her demand for divorce by saying that she was being deprived of her right to choose her means of entertainment” as part of the report. He went on to add, “It was well within limits, she said” while concluding the statement by stating that the woman, “was playing the game only with her friends and relatives.”

According to the report, the husband stopped her from playing PUBG because he feared that she would get addicted to the game. The addiction may lead her to neglect family duties. The husband in question maintained that it was not about suppression of freedom. Instead, he was stopping her from playing the game to ensure that the family was together. He expressed his surprise at the turn of events stating that he did not anticipate that things would come to a request for a divorce.

Similar to past cases across the globe, the commissioner added that an increasing number of complaints have reached the Social Centre where kids have turned addictive. This is not the first time that we have seen problems in a family or irresponsible and rash decisions that kids have taken when parents stopped them from playing PUBG or refused to get a new smartphone for them for PUBG. The only effective solution that we likely see is gameplay limit or parental controls that PUBG Corp can introduce for parents of young kids.

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