Paras Aerospace showcases Archer-B8 UCAV attack drone at DefExpo 2022

The Archer-B8 UCAV drone has the capability of carrying 8-mortar bomb ammunition.

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Paras Aerospace has showcased its high-tech drones at “DEFEXPO INDIA 2022”. With a focus on the future of modern warfare, Paras showcased its Archer-B8 UCAV attack operations. Archer-B8 has been indigenously designed and developed in India by Paras Aerospace. It has the capability of carrying 8-mortar bomb ammunition and dropping in a single sortie at the identified marked location. The dropping of payload ammunition can be done by controlling munition-dropping manually or autonomously at predefined marked positions.

As revealed by the company, the drone provides tactical advantage to frontline soldiers in combat operations, Archer-B8 attack drones can identify, track and attack the enemy positions. Thus, helping in minimizing battlefield casualties while providing strategic combat advantage. 

Speaking about the Archer-B8 attack drone, Mr. Pankaj Akula, CEO, Paras Aerospace, said, “In today’s combat and surveillance scenarios, the drones are playing an important role right from monitoring, tracking, and even destroying the enemy positions. Archer-B8 is a definite advantage for the armed forces and homeland security agencies for surveillance and security operations. Imagine, a soldier being assisted with Archer-B8 can remotely monitor the enemy position and even attack those without becoming prone to an enemy’s weapon fire.”

Paras Aerospace also specializes in designing and manufacturing drone cameras indigenously. The camera capabilities include dual EO-IR stabilization, thermal sensors, laser locator for long-range observation, and being lightweight the drone’s payload carrying capacity is not compromised. The cameras have the capability to zoom up to X80.

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