FIFA World Cup 2022: Ban on female fans wearing revealing clothes, exposing body parts in Qatar

Female fans at the Qatar World Cup could face heavy monetary penalties or even prison for not adhering to the strict dress code.

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FIFA World Cup 2022 will kick off this week in Qatar as the host nation faces Ecuador in the opening game this Sunday. Teams have begun their final preparations ahead of the grand opening and many fans have started to arrive in the host country.

Not just hype, the Qatar World Cup, first football World Cup hosted by a middle-eastern nation, has also been embroiled in controversy over multiple issues. While calls have been made to boycott the cup, thousands of fans have thronged to the nation to witness the grand spectacle.  

However, there is bad news for the many female fans planning to watch the world cup live from the stadium. While there aren’t many issues regarding the dress code of fans in western nations, things are different in Qatar. 

Female fans will have to ensure they do not violate the dress code norms by wearing clothes that are revealing when they come to watch the World Cup. As per the laws in Qatar, women are banned from wearing revealing attire. As per FIFA, fans have the freedom to wear clothes of their choice but also have to respect the country’s laws and ensure their body parts are not exposed. As per the FIFA World Cup official website, visitors are expected to “cover their shoulders and knees” when they visit public places in the country like museums and government buildings.

Female fans in Qatar are banned from donning clothes that are tight and showing their cleavages. Furthermore, there will be special cameras to zoom in and spot particular spectators, if needed, in order to assist in any investigation needed. 

“We have high-resolution special cameras to zoom in on a particular seat and clearly see the spectator,” chief technology officer Niyas Abulrahiman said, adding, “It’s being recorded, so that will help us in any post-event investigation.”

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