‘Youngster’ climbs Sinhagad every week

92-year-old Narayan Mahajan is very fit and leads an active life.

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Now many of us can dare to climb Sinhagad fort every Sunday? There may be many who have the enthusiasm but how many achieve the objective? Narayan Krishna Mahajan (92) still treks to Sinhagad fort every Sunday, has visited Leh-Ladakh, basks in the glory of a Limca Record made in 2008 and leads a youthful life.

Many of the youth as well as his contemporaries may find it difficult to walk, but Mahajan still loves to go for outings, trekking and walking at least 10 km every day. He is also associated with a mountaineering group and goes on long tours all around the country.

Mahajan was also invited for actor Aamir Khan’s most celebrated show Satyamev Jayate where he was quizzed about his active lifestyle and courage of being involved in multiple adventure sports.

A bundle of energy, the chairman of Dr (Mrs) Erin N Nagarvala School, has gone parasailing thrice and created a world record of being the oldest parasailor in the country at present. He started parasailing at the age of 84.

In 2003, his name was included in the Limca Book of Records as the oldest man to do parasailing. Again in 2007, Mahajan broke his own record in the category and again created a new one on May 27 in 2008 at Lonavla.

“Growing old is a physical process and it should not be a mental one. One is as old as he thinks, and because I have spent all my life with children, I just forgot that I am growing old. When others started pointing out I realised that my body is getting old, but even today, I feel as young as any youth. One needs to have a strong mind,’’ he said.

Mahajan, who founded Pune Mountaineers’ Club, said, “I have been trekking and mountaineering for a long time. Now, the members of the club who used to accompany me while trekking are old. Hence, I go trekking with their grandchildren.’’

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