This year's wari will be free of plastic at Alandi

AMC imposes total ban, spreads word among dindis

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For the first time, the Alandi Municipal Council has imposed a total ban on use of plastic  during the Wari.

This is a yet another step taken to conserve ecology at the pilgrimage centre of Alandi. The council has already banned washing of clothes and immersing of ashes in the Indrayani river.

At lease three lakh devotees from all over descend on Alandi when the palkhi of Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj leaves for Pandharpur from Alandi. Rampant use of plastic carry bags and disposable plates generates a large quantity of garbage, causing ecological hazards besides polluting the Indrayani.

While the palkhi is scheduled to depart from Alandi on July 1, the AMC has launched a campaign to spread awareness about ill-effects of plastic and conservation of the environment.
AMC chief executive officer Vinayak Aundhkar told dna on Thursday, “This is for the first time the AMC has imposed a plastic ban during the Wari. It has been noticed that after the Wari, huge amount of plastic waste comprising carry bags, disposable plates and cups is generated in the temple town. Therefore, we decided to impose a ban on sale and use of plastic in Alandi.”

Aundhkar said the AMC printed more than 10,000 pamphlets to spread awareness about avoiding use of plastic. Besides, the AMC has issued notices to the local traders asking them to stop selling the plastic articles. The AMC has also put up 10 big flex boards about the plastic ban at prominent places.

The AMC will impose a fine of Rs500 on shop owners found selling plastic articles. It has also appointed special squads to seize the plastic goods from local shops. Aundhkar added that the AMC will register police cases if anyone is found selling plastic items in his shop.

“AMC organised a special meeting with the head of the dindis and informed them about the plastic ban. They promised to corporate with the AMC initiatives as it was related to environment safety of temple town,” said Aundhkar.

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