Together, we are truly Extraordinary!

It is rooted in the philosophy and belief that from collaboration comes the strength to deliver the extraordinary

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Punit Goenka

Someone has beautifully said, “Extraordinary belongs to those who create it.” These words aptly summarise our belief in creating a world that is filled with extraordinary possibilities.

Our new brand ideology, ‘Extraordinary Together,’ reflects our vision to provide unified brand experience and delight to consumers across the world by creating extraordinary entertainment and experiences that inspire to transcend the ordinary.

It is not an evolution of our identity, but it’s a revolution. It is rooted in the philosophy and belief that from collaboration comes the strength to deliver the extraordinary. 

Being a global media and entertainment conglomerate, while our interests span across diverse verticals and businesses, we believe that our ability to win resides in us being able to effectively come together. The fresh look of ZEE represents our mission of unifying the world with entertainment. The circle symbolises continuity and inclusiveness, while the colour Amethyst represents creativity and transformation. This colourful explosion of creative energy signifies ZEE’s exuberance.

It’s a huge leap forward for us, reflecting the true essence of ZEE as a media and entertainment powerhouse and the extraordinary steps taken by each of its internal and external stakeholders. It’s not just about the number of years we have completed, but about the number of hearts we have touched along the way, during this journey. It’s not just about the number of countries we have reached, but about the journey that we have undertaken to make this happen. It is just simply about being together, to achieve something extraordinary. 

With a team of over 3,400 brilliant people working for ZEE across the globe — who are truly committed to entertain the world — we have risen as a global content company. Our global presence and reach amongst viewers says a lot about our strength. We also acknowledge the presence and support of our peers in the industry, who share our dream of entertaining the world.

While we have achieved immense success over the last 25 years, our efforts in creating world class content will continue forever, as we embrace this new ideology and philosophy in creating something truly ‘Extraordinary Together’.

—The author is MD & CEO, ZEE Entertainment Enterprises Ltd

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