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You don't need to be 'rich & famous' to rent a yacht. All you need is a rich dad.

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Rent a Yacht


Bored of the routine private villa parties, 16-year-old SoBo resident Tinaz Shah, 

decided to tread new waters (literally) on her 15th birthday. She rented a private yacht — complete with two bedrooms, a dining space, a bar and kitchen and a sundeck — to host a party for friends. Music filled the air and champagne flowed freely, as a bunch of cheery revellers dressed in high-end brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Gucci partied on the deck. 
Yacht parties are a big hit with people, who live king-size. You don’t have to be a Mittal, Mallya or Ambani to host a party on the yacht. All you need to do is spend big bucks!

Take the case of Aditi Gosh Shah, who decided to surprise her fiancé with an exclusive yacht party, to celebrate 10 years of dating. Her mode of transport was the Sea Ray, a luxurious yacht that lets you sail too! “In its highest gear, it felt as though we were riding a Ferrari on water,” she gushes. Shah and her friends boarded the yacht at Gateway Of India and then headed to Mandwa, where they partied on the anchored yacht.   
Hiring a yacht is an expensive affair according to Meherzad Kanjanwalla, partner at Blue Bay Marine, “A 140-feet yacht costs you Rs80,000 for an hour. The 16-feet Princess Yacht costing Rs85,000 for three hours is pretty popular though.” Most yachts are hired on an hourly basis as “people won’t be able to afford them on a daily basis,” adds Umesh Sawant from Deepika Mari
ne Development Pvt. Ltd.

Depending on the model and the amenities on offer, the cost of renting a yacht varies.

Italian yacht, Ferreti which is a favourite among party lovers, has been christened the ‘Rolls Royce of yachting’. A three hour ride on it 550 costs anywhere between Rs75,000 and Rs1,10,000! 
“It is a dream to ride a Ferreti. A spacious yacht, the Ferreti had two bedrooms, a well-stocked kitchen, washrooms, a bar and dinning space,” says Pinal Patel. Patel’s first trip on a yacht was on her brother’s 22nd birthday. “We were a group of 17 people, who lounged on the sundeck, enjoying good music as the yacht sailed.” And while the experience on the yacht was worth a lifetime experience for Patel, the icing on the cake was sighting dolphins when cruising around in the yacht. “We actually spotted three dolphins! Ain’t that so cool?” she gushes. 

Spilling the beans on yacht parties 
Most yacht owners insist on guests moving around barefoot on the yacht, least the wooden flooring gets scratched. “It’s funny as suddenly you know how tall your friends really are, when you see them without their heels!” exclaims Sonali Seth, a student. 
The crew will pamper you unconditionally but say a nasty word and you had it! “Don’t rub them on the wrong side,” advises Priyank Sen. 
If you have motion sickness, always remember to pop a pill before stepping aboard. “It was pretty embarrassing for a friend who suffered from motion sickness as he spent the entire party puking,” says Pinal Patel.
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