Redeveloped Bhendi Bazaar to recycle all its waste

Garbage to be segregated, turned into compost; sewage to be treated

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Bhendi Bazaar

The redevelopment work, which is being carried out by the Saifee Burhani Upliftment Trust in Bhendi Bazaar, will not only merely give more stable structures as homes, but will also change the face of the area.

The 250-plus-building project, affecting nearly 20,000 people, will have about 10,000 toilets and a sewage treatment plant beside a special system for collection of garbage that will also be recycled. The project will have a central garbage disposal system, under a centralised system. A separate system shall be installed for treating either the centralised or the decentralised system under every sub-cluster, depending on its approvals. The trust is also planning to have a Pneumatic­-based centralised Garbage collection system.

Therefore, the plan, now, is to collect the garbage, via a chute, located on each floor. The garbage will be flowed through pipelines under heavy air pressure and collect at a point and convert it into compost. While the dry waste will be recycled by authorised recyclers, the unrecycled waste will be sent to dumping grounds.

Each cluster will also have a sewage treatment plant, wherein the sewage will be recycled and reused within the premises for flushing, car washing, gardening etc.

This will reduce the burden of MCGM water supply by around 35 percent.

During monsoons, rainwater from building terraces will be collected in tanks (built underground) which will be equipped with sanitary fixtures and later supplied throughout the 16.5 acres of Bhendi Bazaar.

This water will be used within the building for floor cleaning, car washing etc. This will reduce the burden of MCGM's water supply by additional 5 percent.

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