Red tape puts paid to Maharashtra govt's CRZ plans

Though amendments have been approved by govt, maps not updated; older FSI and coastal restrictions remain in place

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Delay in CRZ rules will impact development of areas like Marine Drive.

The Maharashtra government is yet to upgrade its amended Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) map to relax development restrictions along the coastline, from the existing 500 metres to the proposed 50 metres. But due to this delay, development under CRZ is getting delayed.

As per state environment officials, the government has already made the amendment in CRZ rules, but the map has not yet been upgraded in the system. Earlier rules had ordained that no development will be allowed within 500 metres from the high tide line (HTL). Once the CRZ maps are upgraded and approval of the state and central governments are accorded, this gap will be brought down to 50 metres.

"This delay in map upgradation will impact the development of the non-cess structures like fishermen colonies, Marine Drive and Mahim Bay areas. The Maharashtra government has offered floor space index (FSI) of 4 for redevelopment of fishermen colonies. The developer will get 49 per cent share, while owners will get 51 per cent share in redevelopment," said an environment official.

The state government was looking forward to announcing the redevelopment of fishermen colonies ahead of the Lok Sabha elections this year. However, an official pointed out that any tangible development can only take place after the polls, meaning which the government won't be able to cash in on it before the Assembly elections due for October.

Senior architect Milind Samel said many Gaothans (traditional rural colonies in the city) and fishermen colonies fall under the CRZ. "They are situated either along the creek or near the seafront. Earlier, FSI was frozen in this area. Developers and promoters were allowed an FSI of only 1. Now that the government has extended the FSI to 4 as per DP 2034, the new rule will impact the area's development in a big way," Samel explained.

A developer from South Mumbai said the Maharashtra government recently passed the Development Plan of Mumbai 2034. "They first delayed the DP and now the CRZ relaxation. The market is going through difficult times and this needs quick decisions," he said.


  • The govt had offered FSI of 4 for redevelopment, unlike now when FSI is 1.
  • However, it may take place only later this year. 
  • State was hoping to announce redevelopment ahead of Lok Sabha polls.
  • Developers say market expects quick decisions.
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