Mumbai: Spike in malaria, dengue cases has doctors worried

In the 15 days of October, 205 cases of malaria have been registered at public hospitals

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    The rainclouds have retreated from Mumbai, but monsoon-related ailments continue to hold the city in their grip. The number of malaria and dengue cases have seen a spike in the month of October. In the 15 days of October, 205 cases of malaria have been registered at public hospitals. A 39-year-old man also succumbed to the illness at Vakola pipeline.

    The deceased was reportedly suffering from fever for three to four days, and was admitted to a public hospital. He died the same day he was taken to a hospital. The cause of death was reported by the BMC as septic with acute febrile illness with hepatitis with metabolic encephalopathy.

    As per public health department officials, they are taking precautionary measures across the city. "A total of 669 houses and 3,510 citizens were screened in the area where malaria was reported. Five cases of fever, one case of diarrhoea and one case of hepatitis were found and were immediately referred to dispensaries nearby. During surveillance, we collected blood smear from 21 males and 20 females from nearby localities and will test these," an official said.

    Pest control activity was also carried out by the insecticide department of the BMC across all wards. BMC referred all fever cases to public hospitals and dispensaries nearby.

    In addition to the 205 malaria cases, the BMC said, it also reported nine leptospirosis cases, 184 dengue cases, 257 gastro cases, 32 hepatitis cases and 13 H1N1 cases.

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