Mumbai: Doctors see 20% hike in dehydration patients

To beat the heat and dehydration the doctors ask you to increase your fluid intake two to three times.

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The weather has been extremely unkind to people for the past few days. Severe October heat has got the worst of the residents of Thane, Mulund who are suffering from dehydration and related viral ailments. As per the doctors in these areas, the number of such patients visiting them daily has gone up by 20 per cent.

October is the month of weather transition — from rainy season to winter. In this period people experience what is called is October heat and often suffer from viral and other ailments. "But since past one week we have seen an increase in the number of patients suffering from dehydration," says Dr Pradip Shah, HOD (head of the department) and general medicine specialist, Fortis Hospital, Mulund. "Of the 50 patients I see every day, 20 suffer due to heat exposure out of which two are of severe dehydration and rest suffer from mild dehydration," he adds.

Seconding Dr Shah, Dr Makarand Salunke, a consultant physician from Currae Hospital, Thane. "The weather has been extremely hot and humid in the past five to six days. Over 20 per cent of patients visiting us are complaining of dehydration and related ailments," says Salunke.

Moreover, as people reach out for that bottle of cold drink or ice cream to beat the heat, it further exposes them to respiratory ailments. "People get thirsty and drink cold beverages or have an ice cream which leads to throat infection, cough, cold and fever. This further leads to viral ailments," says Shah. "Then there are also cases of food poisoning where people eat food which has gone stale due to humidity. And suffer from vomiting, loose motions, respiratory infections, etc.," he adds.

To beat the heat and dehydration the doctors ask you to increase your fluid intake two to three times. "Have more liquids, water, juices, etc. And if have sensitive skin then avoid going outside in the sun. Always carry a water bottle with you," says Salunke.

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