MHADA lottery: MP, MLA quota can result in 171 vacant homes

Only two applications for 173 reserved for this category received by authority’s Konkan board


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Updated: Aug 24, 2018, 06:05 AM IST

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Isn't it time to get rid of reservations for Members of Parliament (MP), Members of Legislative Assembly (MLA) and Members of Legislative Council (MLC) and even Ex-MLA/MP/MLC in MHADA lottery? A lottery is being conducted by MHADA's Konkan board on August 25. In this lottery, there are a total of 173 homes reserved for the MPs and MLAs. However, only two among 173, have applied for the homes.

The two places where the applications have been received are, the Low Income Group house in Virar Bolinj and the applicant is Sukhdeo Kale, while the second applicant Ashok Shinde has applied for Middle Income Group home in Blakum Thane. The price of the flat in Virar is between Rs 26.21 to 27.39 lakh and the flats measure between 40.41 to 42.11 sq metre. The Thane flat measures, 67.06 sq metre and it costs Rs 43.45 lakh.

The number of homes reserved for MP/MLAs in Virar Bolinj, is 74 and only one person applied, while the remaining 73 homes are now going to be vacant. At the same time in Thane's Balkum, the number of homes reserved in this category was two while only one applicant has shown interest.

In the same category, the number of homes reserved in Shirdon Kalyan was 38, where not a single applicant has shown interest in participating in the lottery. In Khone, Kalyan, there were 40 homes reserved for MP/MLAs, and here too the number of application is zero. In Kole, Kalyan, there were a total of nine homes meant for the political representatives but none applied. All the three are part of Economically Weaker Section category.

In the Lower Income Group, in Kalyan, there were a total of 10 homes in the MP/MLA category but none applied again.

When asked MHADA, whether it was time to do away with the reservation, seeing the bad response, Milind Mhaiskar, the Vice President and Chief Executive Officer for MHADA, said, "No. Many times this may happen but one cannot jump to any conculsion because of a stray single case like this."

Another official says that if not taking away the reservation meant for MP/MLAs completely at least the reservation be taken away from the Economically weaker section category.

Other Details

  • One application was received in Low Income Group house in Virar’s Bolinj. The 2nd applicant Ashok Shinde, applied for Middle Income Group home in Balkum, Thane
  • It was suggested that if not taking away reservation for MP/MLAs completely, it should at least be removed from the Economically weaker section category
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