Kamala Mills Fire: Two young men enter into death trap to save aunt, never to come back

Dharya Lalani, 26, worked in the United States.

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Vishwa Lalani (left), Dharya Lalani (right)

A fire that started at a rooftop pub "1 Above" spread rapidly through the building , killing 14 people, most of them women, shortly after midnight on Thursday, in a posh Mumbai locality. 

Amid the horror and fear, there were two young men who dared to challenge death and managed to rescue nearly eight members of their family who were enjoying a family get-together. 

Dharya Lalani, 26, worked in the United States. He had come to visit his family for a month before taking up a new job in US. Dharya's younger brother Vishwa Lalani, 23, wanted to have a nice time with his brother and other family members. 

They were partying at London Taxi restaurant--a rooftop restaurant, adjacent to '' 1 Above'' pub--when they got caught into the fire and smoke. The fire reportedly started from '' 1 Above'' and soon the smoke engulfed London Taxi restaurant. Both the young men did not panic and helped all the family members get out sefely from the restaurant. 

Just when they were thanking God for this miraculous escape, horror visited them again. Pramila Kenia, 65, there aunt was no where to be seen. Then they realised she had gone to the washroom and was trapped there. There was nothing else but smoke. A death trap of smoke. But Vishwa and Dharya did not hesitate for a second and entered into the thick clouds of smoke, determined to bring their aunt back. 

They never came back. Smoke chocked all the three to death. 

(As told to DNA by their family friend Nirvi shah)




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