I am coming after MNCs, says Baba Ramdev

He was commenting on the recent row, in which CPM leader Brinda Karat had alleged that his Ayurvedic formulations contained human and animal parts.

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“I set people’s brains right, but I don’t put bits of skulls in my medicines.’’ This was Baba Ramdev addressing a press conference in the city on Wednesday. In the city for one of his yoga camps, spiritual leader was commenting on the recent controversy, in which CPM leader Brinda Karat had alleged that his Ayurvedic formulations contained human and animal parts.

However, he had denied it. Baba Ramdev questioned earlier tests which detected human remains in medications supposed to be his manufacture. Denying a label containing an incomplete list of medication ingredients displayed by Brinda was from his workshop, he said that there was no proof that the samples were from his workshops.

“My patent medicines were adequately labelled,” he said, adding that medicines from classic Ayurvedic texts were packed with references to their journal or book reference.

Without naming the CPM leader, he said that the allegations against him were a conspiracy instigated by multinational corporations as revenge against his pro-Swadeshi stance.

But he said about 50 per cent of  the Communist leaders supported him in the wake of the controversy.

He said he had received several calls receiving support from Left leaders. One of the people who came forward to defend him was West Bengal transport minister Subhash Chakraborty, he said.

He termed the controversy an attempt to “weaken the faith of people” in his methods. He also spoke of reaching out to 25 crore people through his telecasts on a religious channel and attributed the controversy to his popularity.

He said the Centre should lay effective guidelines to ensure the exclusion of mercury, lead and arsenic from ayurvedic medicines.

He said that his medicines did not contain these substances. He also refused to comment on whether his medications and yogic methods had effect on HIV saying “there was much to be done” in this regard.

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