Google likely to improve these features in next Android update, details here

Let's take a look at the new features that Google is likely to introduce through Android 12:

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Google is now looking to release the much-awaited Android update--Android 12 soon. The first preview of Android 12 was also released, giving a sneek-peek into the new features that Google might introduce with the new version.

Let's take a look at the new features that Google is likely to introduce through Android 12:

1. Android 12 will provide high-quality videos

Through the introduction of compatible media transcoding to support HEVC, an app that doesn’t support HEVC can have the platform automatically transcode the file into AVC, and therefore the apps will shoot better videos.

2. Smoother running of heavy apps

There will be an improvement in the performance of heavy apps in social media, gaming by blocking foreground service starting from the background for apps.

3. Apps will open faster 
Notifications will open faster. “When users tap a notification, they expect to jump immediately into the app - the faster the better,” Google stated in a statement.

4. Notifications will look better

Google will make better designs for notifications through custom content and icons.

5. Music and gaming experience will improve

In Android 12, apps can provide audio-coupled haptic feedback through the phone's vibrator which will translate to better music and gaming experience. 

6. More updates through Google Play with Android 12   

Google is working on tackling software issues by providing small updates through Google Play, rather than a full system update. Through Project Mainline, Google Play system updates will give apps more consistent, secure environment across devices.  


Last year in September, Google rolled out Android 11 that came with features like location privacy for employees, built-in screen recording, and more.

Android 11 has "auto-reset" permissions for your unused apps and notify you accordingly. You can always decide to re-grant the app permissions the next time you use the app.

In Android 11, conversations across messaging apps are moved to a dedicated space in the notifications section, making it easy to manage conversations in one spot

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