World vegan day: Excellent health benefits of eating vegan food

A vegan diet includes things rich in antioxidants. These things protect the body from getting sick.

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World Vegan Day is celebrated every year on November 1st to attract people's attention towards adopting vegan food choices to protect the environment. This day was started by the UK Vegan Society on 1 November 1994, that day was also the 50th anniversary of the Vegan Society, although it is said that before this, vegans were not allowed to consume dairy products. People had stopped consuming eggs but after that 'Vegetarian Day' was started on November 1 to pacify the protest.

A vegan diet does not include any animals.  Things like dairy products, milk, honey, cheese, butter, eggs and meat are not consumed by vegan diet followers. This diet includes only leguminous plants, grains, seeds, fruits, vegetables, nuts and dry fruits.

While many confuse it with a vegetarian diet but it is quite different from the vegetarian diet because in the vegetarian diet there is no prohibition to eat things like cheese, butter and milk, or curd. A vegan diet includes things rich in antioxidants. These things protect the body from getting sick early. A vegan diet also helps in keeping diseases like blood pressure and diabetes away. There is absolutely no amount of cholesterol in the vegan diet.

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5 Benefits of Being a vegan 

1. Being vegetarian or vegan, you can lose weight fast. Yes, vegetarian food is helpful in reducing weight. By consuming a balanced amount of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and so on every day, you can achieve your goal of losing weight faster.

2. Vegetarian diet can provide relief for type 2 diabetes. Vegetables, fruits and grains are consumed more in a vegetarian diet, which are rich in fibre and the natural sugarforpresent in them is helpful in controlling blood sugar. The sugar present in vegetarian diet events sudden blood glucose spikes.

3. Along with high blood sugar, vegetarian or vegan diet also solves the problems related to BP. The rise or fall of BP has become a lifestyle-related problem nowadays. This problem seems to be spreading very fast. People are facing the problem of high BP in their stressful life and part. There are many such foods in a vegetarian diet, which can control the problem of high blood pressure.

4. Vegan food is also very good for your heart. Regular consumption of fruits and vegetables is helpful in eliminating bad cholesterol. Which is bad for your heart. Along with this, it is also helpful in preventing clotting. Along with the heart, it also reduces the risk of stroke.

5. If you are facing problems related to stomach or digestion then vegetarian or vegan food is best for you. Vegetarian food is rich in fiber, which reduces the problems related to digestion.

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