World of luxury fashion finds a way to pay back to society

Society’s leading ladies are set to bring their talent together to assist underprivileged children


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Updated: Nov 21, 2013, 01:44 PM IST

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This week, the style week and designer showings apart, the world of luxury fashion's going to put it best foot forward through
Araaish, the annual fund-raising show for the Save the Children India Foundation.

An emotional journey
Started by the late Vipula Kadri to help children from the marginalised sections of society, Araaish has reached its twelfth show and for siblings Mana Shetty, Rahul Kadri and Isha Mehra who host the event every year, it’s an exciting time. Says Mana, “We have an emotional bond to Araaish due to our mother. We have had a great run so far and what’s really heartening is that we’ve been able to achieve lots of awareness about needy children in India. The funds generated have gone a long way to secure our children's future.”
Design frat comes together
The multi-designer exhibition boasts of an impressive list of participants — Surily Goel, Seema Khan, Malini Agarwalla, Masaba Gupta —to name a few, who have  whole-heartedly pledged their support.  Twinkle Khanna who's also readying for the show says, “I pledge my support to Save the Children India to collect funds towards vocational training programs for adolescent girls of the community through their centers in Mumbai, with an aim to making them self-sufficient and economically independent members of society.” Sabina Singh will present her new resort wear collection and Masaba Gupta will bring on her festive trousseau line, while Malini Agarwalla, who’s eager to showcase her ‘only footwear show’, admits, “If through your work you can help others, it’s just fabulous.”

Sharmilla Khanna, event organiser is confident that more people are realising the value of charity.  She says, “We just had a show in Delhi for the first time and the response was fantastic. I have to say that the event is like a breath of fresh air, a small way of giving back to society and shaping the prospects of these children.”

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