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Grammar cops
A small but vocal subculture has emerged on Twitter of grammar vigilantes who spend their time policing other people’s tweets — celebrities and nobodies alike. They have built algorithms to sniff out Twitter messages that are distasteful to them — tweets with typos or flawed grammar, or written in all caps — and now send scolding notes to the offenders. GrammarCop, one such person who exists on Twitter solely to copy-edit others’ tweets, received a beatdown from the actress Kirstie Alley, whose tweet he had corrected. “Are you high?” Alley wrote back. “You really just linger around waiting for people to use incorrect grammer? You needs a life.”

Everyone knows Amitabh Bachchan is big on social media. He has an active blog and an even more active Twitter account. But, unless they are replies, every tweet of his bears a certain similarity. Guess what? Every tweet of his starts with a ‘T’ and a ‘number’.  The number denotes the number of days he has been on Twitter. Thus, in his recent tweet, “T38 -The kids have formed their own private ‘international soccer premier league’ tournaments, have club teams and fierce competition”, the T38 stands for Day Number 38 on Twitter.

Lindsay, the ad guru
Lindsay Lohan reportedly tweets advertisements. An employee of Beyond the Rack, a popular online store in the US, was recently quoted in (a news blog) saying, “There was some talk at the company I work for (Beyond the Rack) about paying Lindsay 10k to tweet and lo and behold, today I checked her Twitter and there was a link to our recent Ray Ban’s sale.” And then she recently tweeted, “Just scored myself a stunning Balenciaga bag from Beyond the Rack!” She also appears to be working for a couple of different companies. In a recent tweet she spoke about a travel company, mentioning that it provides 75 per cent off on great vacation deals.

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