Tharri By Shrutika: Growth and global expansion in saree fashion

The brand began with Shrutika’s fashion sense and exquisite weaves from the saree brand.

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Tharri By Shrutika: Growth and global expansion in saree fashion

Tharri by Shrutika is a luxury saree brand founded by ShrutiKa Arjun. The brand of sarees represents the culture and tradition of India. Tharri sarees are modern and are handmade in a traditional way with the help of local weavers and artists. With the use of sustainable and ethical practices, these sarees have contemporary design patterns crafted for quality wear.

The brand began with Shrutika’s fashion sense and exquisite weaves from the saree brand. They work with vibrant colours, and intricate designs on the traditional saree. Each design is conceptualized by her, and creativity is reproduced to make Tharri by Shrutika a fashion label. The timeless classics are merged with modern aesthetics to make Tharri sarees stand out.

Local growth initiatives

Shruthika is building a strong retail presence across key cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Mumbai. The quality and finery of the material have given much publicity for the Tharri sarees to reach even the remotest corners of the country. Having set up flagship stores and partnering with leading boutiques, Tharri by Shrutika is reaching out to a wider audience.

Building onto their customer base, Tharri by Shrutika is engaging in community engagement to enhance relationships in better ways. Holding cultural events, fashion shows and exhibitions showcasing the latest offerings enabling brand visibility. Making customers understand the brand’s dedication to craftsmanship and heritage.

Global expansion strategies

Tharri sarees are reaching global customers through e-commerce platforms. The exquisite and unique collection has intrigued many people worldwide. The platform is generating buzz and enabling buyers to seamlessly ship while paying securely for authentic Indian sarees.

Collaborating with international fashion houses, boutiques and influencers has helped Shrutika cater to the demands of global audiences. These partnerships help leverage the brand to enter new markets.

Future prospects

In addition to the commercial endeavours undertaken through collaboration in the international arena, Shrutika has managed cultural exchanges. It allows her audiences and customers to look out for South Asia fashion. The effort put into bringing about workshops, cultural shows and saree exhibitions to other countries has manifold benefits. Indian textiles are receiving cross-cultural appreciation internationally.

Tharri by Shrutika has envisioned establishing itself as a global leader through a journey of growth and expansion. The brand has worked on redefining the cultural heritage of India and its weaves. The focus has turned to innovating through sustainable means and providing quality to customers. Shrutika is working to bring a revolution in saree fashion on a global level.


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