Striking the right CORDS! Here's how you can coordinate your corduroys

A lowdown on how to coordinate your corduroys...


Manish D Mishra

Updated: Nov 20, 2017, 06:20 AM IST

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When Miuccia Prada plays with the supposedly frumpy and nerdy corduroys this season, one can easily foresee that it’s gonna create sartorial ripples — from luxury bastions to the humble high street racks. The textile, which was usually considered an essential for the university lecturers, gets a cutting-edge spin this Fall/Winter. It’s no longer about The Thinking Male but represents the new city girl cool. Gotta give credit to John Lennon, who picked off-white cord pants for his wedding to Yoko Ono in Gibraltar circa 1969. However, this season, the likes of Isabel Marant, Alexa Chung, Lemaire and Gucci have toyed with the classic in luscious tones and textures. 


One can safely attribute corduroy’s comeback to fashion set’s nod to the old world romance and whimsy. Designer Nachiket Barve says, “Colours like plum and indigo can look plush and polished. Make it romantic or poetic by layering it under a lace blouse and accessorising with black pearls and a velvet clutch. Be a Tolstoy muse by styling it with a whimsical vintage approach. 

It’s more casual than velvet.” Also, the classic staple can be inculcated in today’s men’s contemporary wardrobe, keeping the weather in mind, of course.” Designer Nandita Mahtani, who’s been styling Virat Kohli, observes that for a guy, a corduroy suit works charmingly if the weather permits. She suggests, “Men can opt for colours like coffee, burgundy, and navy blue. Women, however, can do a lot — from rocking a pair of corduroy pants and dungarees to having fun with bell bottom pants and trouser suits, there’s no limit.”

Nandita has showcased a pair in her Love Gen line in navy blue. “Women can make it sexy by wearing it with lace or a metallic piece underneath,” she adds.  


If one looks at fashion history, one can associate corduroy with classic preppy style seen on the likes of scholars. However, in its modern-day avatar, it’s more youthful, wearable and has a sporty edge to it. Designer Payal Singhal recalls, “My grandfather, a famous painter, would wear corduroy jackets with elbow patches. I’m excited that it’s back now. I’d suggest teaming a corduroy blazer with a shift dress.”


Also, the way it fits and falls on the body is of paramount importance and a wrong fit can totally spoil the look. Designer Nimish Shah of label Shift suggests, “Opt for a pair of black or tanned corduroy pants. The fit is crucial and it has to come close to body and can’t be saggy. Take a pair of pants and team them with a strappy blouse. It’s a cool alternative to a regular suiting material.” 

So, great news for all those, who’re itching to take a break from their linens and wools! 

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