Solar Eclipse 2023: Will it be visible in India? Date, time, advisory

Solar Eclipse can be observed in Exmouth (Western Australia), Timor Leste, West Papua (Indonesia), Indian and Pacific oceans.

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A "hybrid" solar eclipse called the Ningaloo Eclipse will take place today (April 20). Being a hybrid solar eclipse that will transition from an annular eclipse to a total eclipse, it will be a rare celestial event. Two lunar eclipses and two solar eclipses will make up the total number of eclipses in 2023. The first solar eclipse of the year 2023, known as Surya Grahan, will take place on Vaishakh Amavasya, the new moon day of the Hindu month of Vaishakh.

What is a Hybrid solar eclipse?
A hybrid solar eclipse is a peculiar type of solar eclipse that occurs when the Moon's shadow crosses the earth's surface and can range from an annular to a total eclipse and back again. The Australian seashore Ningaloo is where the name of the solar eclipse, "Ningaloo," came from. And because of its limited visibility, it acquired its name. 

What happens when Solar Eclipse occurs?
A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes in front of the Sun, covering the Sun's image for viewers on Earth entirely or partially.  

Will Solar eclipse be visible in India?
No, the hybrid solar eclipse will not be visible in India. In the meantime, the Indian and Pacific oceans will briefly be able to see the "ring of fire." The first solar eclipse of the year will start at 7:04 and end at 12:29 IST.

Where will the Solar Eclipse be visible?
Only a select few locations will be able to observe the solar eclipse of 2023. One can observe the transition from annular to total, followed by a transition back to annular, in Exmouth (Western Australia), Timor Leste, West Papua (Indonesia), Indian and Pacific oceans. 

What is the “ring of fire’?
When the moon obscures the sun's centre and the sun's outside edges are still visible, a ring of fire, also known as an annulus, forms around the moon. 

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