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Music band Demonic Resurrection wins the Global Metal Award at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods in UK.

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They have been pioneers of sorts when it comes to heavy metal music in the country. And now Demonic Resurrection has received accolades from UK too. The band received the Global Metal Award at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods 2010 in London, UK.

Metal Hammer is considered as one of the most prestigious heavy metal magazines in the world and the Golden Gods are their flagship awards for metal achievers across the world.

In the past international bands like Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Judas Priest, Slipknot and Anthrax have won been at the Metal Hammer.

So that makes Demonic Resurrection the only Indian band to have ever won a Golden God and the band managed to beat all the metal bands in the world to claim it. Other bands to win awards include Machine Head for best live band, Heaven and Hell for best album, Immortal for best underground act and Rise To Remain as best new band.

Sahil Makhija of the band feels that the 10-year-long struggle and hard work is finally paying off. “I think there have been a couple of noticeable feats that have brought us into the international scene. And it’s hard work through the decade and surviving as a band are reasons why we are being noticed now,” he says.

When asked whether he feels bad that there is very less awareness on the leaps the band is making on the international front, he says, “I don’t feel bad that many people in India are not even aware of these awards because even the mainstream media in UK does not give importance to some of the metal awards! But what is important is that fans of extreme metal music and people who matter are clued into it and know what we are about,” says Sahil.

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