Saurav Soni, verified social media influencer across many apps, talks about staying unique and upping social media game

It is a competitive space with many rising influencers; hence, it is essential to always think out of the box as influencers, says the youngster.


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Updated: Aug 10, 2021, 01:36 PM IST

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It is a competitive space with many rising influencers; hence, it is essential to always think out of the box as influencers, says the youngster.

Amongst the many things that have turned people's heads and attracted their attention, the rise of many social media influencers and content creators have made the most headlines. Understanding the immense opportunities, the digital platforms could provide and optimizing and utilizing the same, a few youngsters have thrilled people with their successes by becoming social media influencers. The pandemic did disrupt many industries; however, on a positive side, it also helped grow many other industries and businesses by giving opportunities to them digitally. The social media craze has also doubled, especially after the pandemic, which has given birth to many talented beings in the form of content creators and influencers. One such name is Saurav Soni, a Delhi-based youngster who has given his all to achieve the staggering success he enjoys today across various short-video apps with having a verified profile.

The competition was always rising in these platforms, according to Saurav Soni, but he points out that now things have become more competitive, as more and more people have realized that social media platforms are not just social platforms, but could also help them build their careers. Talking about the same, Saurav Soni says, "Budding talents must up their game in social media as influencers and content creators to create their unique space amongst much saturation."

Saurav Soni, an MBA in event management and the owner of his event management agency, wants to explain to people that getting into untouched niches and consistently honing one's skills helps influencers to stand apart from others. He emphasizes that thinking out of the box, adding more innovativeness in content and being consistent with the same will help influencers achieve success. He also says that he dived deep into multiple niches like fitness, food, lifestyle and fashion, and always kept the entertainment quotient high on all the content he created across apps, which helped him create his unique niche as a social media influencer.

Acing so many niches across so many short-video apps has what garnered him a massive over 17 million followers. After becoming a TikTok star, Saurav Soni (sauravsoniofficial07) created his name across apps like Roposo, Zili, Likee, Gaana Hotshots, Helo etc. and has even become a verified social media influencer on Facebook.

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