Nishant Piyush's resilience and creative abilities have thrived his firm Prike Media, Dubai, to newer success levels

"It wouldn't have been possible without constant innovations and challenging ourselves to do better each day," says the young founder and entrepreneur

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Not all those who wander are lost, is a quote that stands true for many individuals in this world. These individuals are those who decided to step into uncharted territories and create their unique niche only with the genuine intent to achieve excellence in whatever they choose to do in their lives and careers. One such young talent, who is still under-25 but has become a name that is trusted by hundreds of clients in the digital marketing world, is Nishant Piyush. Chances are that you have already heard about him for the skills and passion he has shown in just a few years of being in the industry, ensuring to take the digital marketing world to the next level with his revolutionary firm "Prike Media" based in Dubai.

The young Indian talent knew he was born to do something different, and as soon as he saw and realized how the digital boom was taking over industries and fields, he decided to jump into the same to taste his definition of success as a digitalpreneur. The easier all this sounds, the more difficult it is in reality, points out Nishant Piyush, who says that the success of building a firm in Dubai did not happen overnight. After many sleepless nights, putting in his incessant hard work, he was able to get nearer his visions in the digital space. If today people credit their success to Nishant Piyush and Prike Media, they mean it, for they have given them astounding digital marketing services and solutions not found anywhere else.
To stay unique in the industry, one has to focus on many things; however, Nishant Piyush highlights that the thing that kept them stand apart from the crowd was their creative abilities and their constant innovations in an industry that constantly evolves each day. Prike Media offers enormous services, including PR, SEO, website creations, Ads, social media marketing and whatnot.
As a top SEO and PR expert, Nishant Piyush is changing the game of digital marketing across the UAE, becoming an inspirational success story for many other youngsters worldwide. Follow him now on Instagram @nishant.piyush or visit the website,, to know more.


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