National Weed Appreciation Day 2023: Know history, significance and why it is celebrated

Some weeds are beneficial to the environment and individuals. Some of them not only serve as nourishing foods and botanicals but also have medicinal properties.

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National Weed Appreciation Day is celebrated on March 28 every year. Now you must be wondering why we celebrate ‘Weed Appreciation’ Day even after weed is banned in so many countries. People carrying even a small quantity of weed can land them in jail. Let’s understand below what’s the significance of this day, why we celebrate it and its history.

National Weed Appreciation Day- History
The origin of National Weed Appreciation Day is unclear to date. But weeds have long been valued for their advantages and practicality. For at least a thousand years, common garden weeds like dandelion have been an important part of traditional Chinese medicine. 

Dandelion roots and leaves were used as a tonic to improve digestion and eliminate poisons from the bloodstream. The plants were utilised to make dye and treasured for their aesthetic characteristics as well.

Beautiful blooms, tasty leaves, and soil fertilisers are all characteristics of some weeds. The purpose of National Weed Appreciation Day is unknown, but its message is clear: rather than just plucking them out, celebrate them and educate yourself on their benefits.

National Weed Appreciation Day- Why is it celebrated?
Since certain weeds actually benefit both the environment and people. Some of them even have medicinal qualities in addition to their roles as nourishing foods and botanicals. So make the most of this day by appreciating the advantages weeds in your garden have to offer. 

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