Nailing it... literally!

Nail rings, cuticle tattoos and what not - nails are the new focus of the beauty business. Here's all you need to know about the newest trends

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Nailing it... literally!
Iimage courtesy: image courtesy, @designdain, @asabree, @amberyvonne.xo, and @deborahlippmann

Nail ring

Rings, an evergreen trend, have moved from the middle of the finger to the top-edge, and have acquired extensions, which make them look somewhat like talons. Called Nail Rings, they're worn close to the cuticles, covering only the nail bed, or extending over some part of the finger. These are available in a variety of designs, in bold colours,shimmery and stone-studded.

Selfie nail art

The selfie obsession has made it to the nails thanks to South Korean artist Dain Yoon, who not just paints her face on each nail but also ensures each has a different expression. Each self-portrait is painted in great detail, and to complete the look, Yoon adds artificial hair extensions, some long and some short. The effect - a bit like having five finger puppets on each hand! Wonder how she eats.

Vagina-themed nail art

For the bold ones out there, vagina nail art is the latest trend popping on Instagram feeds across the globe. Sometimes, it's just the vulva that's depicted and sometimes it's the entire female reproductive system, complete with ovaries and uterus. Some feature glitter and other embellishments, while others give a 3D effect. For instance, Asa Bree, of the Finger Bang nail salon in Portland, US, finishes off her realistic design of the vulva with a pearl. Now artists have moved on from vaginas to depictions of the penis. Some even draw tampons and sanitary pads as a stand against period-shaming.

Cuticle tattoos

Cuticle tattoos or a series of them to enhance nail art was a trend started by Rihanna around four years ago when she showed off the tribal inking on each finger of her right hand. The trend has caught on with people getting tiny cute designs inked on their cuticles. A permanent tattoo is a painful affair, but you can always use paint and there are even stickers to help you out!

Minimal nail art

Parallelly, many are preferring to go minimal with just a stroke or two of paint on their nails. Minimalistic nail art was quite the talk at the recent New York Fashion Week, where manicurists chose to keep nails nude with a stroke or two of nail polish, in some cases, on a single nail. The choice of colour was largely black and white but some preferred gold as well. Thankfully, this is not just easier, it's also DIY!

—Compiled by Heena Khandelwal

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