Most expensive hotel room in India costs Rs 29 lakh per night! Know location, luxury amenities

India is a land of culture and heritage which is often showcased in some old resorts, but the price of this ancient resort hotel room will leave you shocked!

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Most expensive hotel room in India costs Rs 29 lakh per night! Know location, luxury amenities


One always likes to go on vacations in style, often staying in historic or lavish hotel rooms to further maximize the experience of a holiday. However, the per night price of this expensive hotel room in India will blow your mind!

Rajasthan has become the prime location of exotic and culture-rich resorts, with centuries-old palaces which have now been converted into 5-star hotels with exclusive amenities and a truly luxurious feel. The most expensive hotel room in the country is also located in a hotel in Rajasthan.

If you want to experience the most expensive hotel room in India, you will have to check into the Raj Palace Hotel in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The Raj Palace is a 300-year-old palace with a regal design and a truly royal feel to its interior.

With gold furniture, a private pool, and your own private museum, the Raj Palace has Maharaja’s Pavilion suite, which costs a whopping Rs 29 lakh. This unimaginable price makes it the most expensive hotel room in the country.

Raj Palace, Jaipur: Inside the ultra-expensive Maharaja’s Pavilion

The Maharaja’s Pavilion suite inside the Raj Palace in Jaipur is something out of a dream, with the entire interior of the room just screaming royal. First of all, it’s not just a suite but a multi-floor apartment. It has a total of four floors and a private terrace and pool.

The four-floor suite has four bedrooms – one on each floor – and a terrace garden, an astrologer’s room, a private spa, a swimming pool, a luxurious dining room, gold furniture, and a private museum. The master bedroom has walls painted with real gold and the royal throne of Thakur Sahib.

If you book the room, you get a private butler, along with a dining room and a luxurious bar with the choicest liquors in the world. If you book this room, you will experience how the King of Jaipur used to live 300 years ago!

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