Most expensive double wedding in India cost Rs 550 crore, no match for Ambani-Piramal ceremony; bride was…

The most expensive double wedding in India was that of brothers Sushanto Roy and Seemanto Roy, the heirs of the Sahara Group conglomerate.

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While Isha Ambani and Anand Piramal had the most expensive wedding in India, with the total cost exceeding Rs 700 crore, the most expensive double wedding in India had a budget which wasn’t much far behind. This was the double wedding of brothers Sushanto and Seemanto Roy.

Sahara Group chairman Subrata Roy was known was his massive net worth and luxurious lifestyle, and the former billionaire left no stones unturned for the wedding of his two sons Sushanto and Seemanto in a double wedding conducted in 2004.

Considered to be one of the most expensive weddings of India, the marriage function of Sushanto and Seemanto Roy has a budget only second to that of Isha Ambani and Anand Piramal. The wedding budget of the ceremony was over Rs 550 crore.

Subrata Roy invited over 11,000 guests for the wedding of his sons, which was held in Lucknow. The Sahara Group chief hired private jets to fly in guests from around the world for the wedding, which had four days of festivities.

Sushanto is married to Richa Ahuja and Seemanto to Chantini Toor. Not just the lavish wedding of his sons, but Subroto Roy also organized the wedding of 101 underprivileged girls and fed over 15,000 poor people during the wedding festivities.

The wedding venue was filled with exotic white and yellow flowers, had glittering prism lights and lamps. Many noted politicians, businessmen and Bollywood stars were present at the ceremony, and there were over 100 cuisines served at the function.

Some of the A-list guests present at the wedding of Sushanto Roy and Seemanto Roy were Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai, Anil Ambani, and Mulayam Singh Yadav. There were also performances by Shiamak Dawar’s troupe and the British Symphony Orchestra, while the wedding outfits of the two couples were designed by Rohit Bal and Sabyasachi.

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