Meet 14-year-old entrepreneur Aradhitta Goenka, who bakes healthy treats to support needy through ’Miracle Project’

In the pandemic times, Aradhitta took up Resin Art to make clay toys which she may incorporate in her next project in Diwali this year

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It's been a year since Aradhitta Goenka started cooking up gluten-free, vegan, and refined sugar-free sweets like pannacotta, chocolate mousse, granola jars, and cookies, among other things. The primary purpose of ‘The Miracle Project' is to assist individuals who have been harmed by the pandemic, such as disadvantaged children, young women, and cancer patients.

As a result, all the revenues from her items are donated to various charitable organisations.

In an interview on her latest project ‘Back to Roots’, Aradhitta Goenka spoke to about the journey of ‘The Miracle Project’.

She said, “The Miracle Project is my dream project to give back to society and help the needy. I started this venture when I was 13-years- old with an aim to support different NGOs. I combined my passion for baking and art with my compassion for society to raise funds for a cause that is close to my heart. I was inspired by a book called Danielle (Danielle: Chronicles of a Superheroine by Ray Kurzweil) that was gifted to me by my father (Mr. Amit Goenka). It is about a young girl who helps society in whatever way she can. That book really inspired me to do something for the betterment of society. It actually taught me that even young people like us have a responsibility towards society and even our little contributions can largely impact the needy.

When asked about was it hard to contact people to join you as you are very young? She told, “It wasn’t very difficult to get the NGOs on board because my mother really helped me with that. We did our research and found out about legitimate NGOs I wanted to support. Our immense research and conversations with them gave us the confidence that the money was actually going to be used for the cause itself. I had more difficulty in the execution of the entire business plan like talking to the vendors etc. But it was a huge learning process for me. My mother gave me complete independence to do this on my own and learn. I found it a bit tough initially. I had to learn how to bargain with vendors and get products at the best price without compromising on their quality. I also learned to manage my time with the school work and orders. Overall, it’s a great learning experience for me.”

She also mentioned that she constantly tries to upskill herself. In the pandemic times, Aradhitta took up Resin Art to make clay toys which she may incorporate in her next project in Diwali this year.

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