Magh Kalashtami 2024: Date, shubh muhurat, puja rituals and significance

Masik Kalashtami in February 2024 falls on February 2, occurring on the eighth day after the full moon.

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February is a significant month for devotees of Hinduism as it marks the observance of Masik Kalashtami, a sacred day dedicated to Lord Bhairava, an intense manifestation of Lord Shiva. Devotees believe that Lord Bhairava safeguards them and aids in overcoming fears and challenges.

Masik Kalashtami in February 2024 falls on February 2, occurring on the eighth day after the full moon. On this auspicious day, followers typically fast and conduct special puja ceremonies devoted to Lord Bhairava. These rituals involve offering flowers, lamps, and food items, along with the recitation of mantras and hymns praising Lord Bhairava's virtues.

By observing these customs with earnestness and devotion, devotees seek the divine protection of Lord Bhairava from negative influences and hurdles. So, for those intending to honour Masik Kalashtami in February 2024, adherence to these rituals is paramount to invoke the blessings of Lord Bhairava.

Date, time:

This year, Masik Kalashtami falls on Friday, February 2, 2024
Ashtami Tithi (eighth lunar day) begins: February 2, 4:02 PM IST
Ashtami Tithi ends: February 3, 5:20 PM IST

Puja rituals:

To observe Masik Kalashtami in February 2024, devotees wake before sunrise, cleanse themselves, and set up a sacred space at home or visit a Bhairava temple. Offerings like fruits, flowers, incense, and lamps are prepared, along with sesame seeds and mustard oil. Chanting mantras dedicated to Lord Bhairava invokes his blessings and protection. During the puja, devotees offer prayers with devotion, fasting if desired, and engage in meditation for spiritual reflection. This ritualistic observance fosters a deeper connection with Lord Bhairava, seeking his guidance and assistance in overcoming obstacles and negative energies.


Kalashtami observed monthly on the eighth day of the waning moon (Krishna Paksha), holds great importance for devotees who seek blessings from Lord Bhairava. Revered as the protector against negative influences, he grants fearlessness, success, and liberation from spiritual hindrances. Devotees honour the occasion with fasting, puja rituals, mantra chanting, and visits to Bhairava temples, aiming to deepen their connection with the divine and receive divine guidance. This observance symbolizes a quest for spiritual strength and liberation from obstacles, fostering devotion and reverence towards Lord Bhairava.





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