Lincia Rosario jots down the five life-changing habits she learnt from Gaur Gopal Das

Here are the key takeaways that Lincia Rosario has learnt from the modern monk.

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Lincia Rosario jots down the five life-changing habits she learnt from Gaur Gopal Das
Lincia Rosario jots down the five life-changing habits she learnt from Gaur Gopal Das

To be a better person on different levels, we seek teachings from mentors. After all, a mentor has a lasting impact on an individual. Gaur Gopal Das, an influential life coach is rightly being the motivational force who has time and again left a positive impact on people’s lives with his words of wisdom. With his powerful words, even the celebrity anchor Lincia Rosario is smitten and has got some important takeaways.

The positive aura that Lincia possesses is a result of her meetings with many eminent personalities. Gaur Gopal Das is one among the few names Lincia has met on multiple occasions. Calling all of her meetings an enriching experience, the anchor states that she has imbibed a lot of changes within her. Here are the key takeaways that Lincia Rosario has learnt from the modern monk.

*TAKEAWAY #1: Patient consistency is better than Rushed intensity*

Besides being patient, the quality of patient consistency is important to sustain in life. One cannot expect results overnight. Giving a prime example, Lincia says, “While preparing for any examination, you cannot learn everything a day before the exam. The daily habit of studying and doing revision is what helps you to maintain patient consistency rather than rushed intensity.” This significant life lesson by Gaur Gopal Das of putting 1 per cent daily rather than thinking about achieving 100 per cent at one go has helped the emcee soar high in her career.

*TAKEAWAY #2: Begin with where you are and what you have*

Lincia Rosario, in her spectacular career as an entertainer, considers gratitude as the best attitude. “We all are blessed with the best. But at times we fail to identify our potential and often wonder where to start from. I believe it is all about beginning with where you are and what you have”, the emcee quoted. In the dire times of the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 225 million people lost their jobs all over the world.

Following the ideology of Gaur Gopal Das, the anchor further revealed that it is never too late to start from scratch. While speaking about it, she said, “Take a leap of faith and begin to work with whatever resources you have. I have been hosting shows and entertaining people for so many years. But in this unfortunate situation of the pandemic, I zeroed down my skills and learned acting, digital marketing, voicing that I had never done before.” Experimenting with the newness in work, the versatile anchor urges everyone to step out of the comfort zone and convert the problems into solutions.

*TAKEAWAY #3: Focus on the standard of giving rather than the standard of living*

Lastly, Lincia emphasizes the need for giving and why it is important to be kind and empathetic. In such difficult times of the pandemic, the emcee is glad to see how people have united to fight against the deadly virus. “Someone is helping someone get oxygen, food, hospital beds, and that shows the genuineness of being there with one another”, states Lincia. Well, these generous acts truly go by Gaur Gopal Das’ words of increasing the standard of giving instead of the standard of living.

Revealing about the time when Rosario contracted COVID-19, she spoke about how her near and dear ones showed the act of kindness by sending delicious meals and other wonderful presents. While concluding, she stated, “The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us the true meaning of humanity, and I believe we all must be there for each other in such difficult times. Let’s keep religion, caste, colour and other prejudices aside and let humanity win over everything. I feel love, kindness, compassion and the act of giving and helping each other will make the world a better place. So let us all strive for the best.”

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