How many points are required for Canada PR?

Points or the score of an individual come into play at two separate stages of the Canada immigration process as a skilled worker.

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Points or the score of an individual come into play at two separate stages of the Canada immigration process as a skilled worker.

Firstly, in order to be eligible to immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker through the federal Express Entry system, a potential immigrant would be required to score 67 points as eligibility.

This is referred to as the Canada eligibility calculation which is allotted following as assessment of 6 factors.

The factors assessed are – language skills [28 points maximum], education [25 points maximum], work experience [15 points maximum], age [12 points maximum], “arrangement employment” or job offer in Canada [10 points maximum], and adaptability [10 points maximum].

Here, under adaptability, an applicant can also gain points for their spouse’s language level, past studies in Canada, or work experience in Canada.

Relatives in Canada – such as a child, parent etc. – can also contribute 5 points towards the 67-point eligibility calculation for Canada.

Launched in 2015, the Express Entry system of Canada – managed by the Canadian government through Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada [IRCC] – is an online application management system.

A streamlined and straightforward process, Canadian permanent residence applications that are submitted through the Express Entry system have a standard processing time of within 6 months.

While entering the pool of candidates is simple, being able to submit an application for Canada PR is a completely different matter altogether.

Generally, applying for permanent residence in Canada is by invitation-only. Now, Invitations to Apply [ITAs] by IRCC are not issued randomly or in a first-come-first-served basis.

Now comes the stage wherein the second kind of score comes into play. This is the score of an Express Entry profile while in the pool of candidates. Based on the Comprehensive Ranking System, this score is referred to as the CRS score of an Express Entry profile.

Allotted out of a maximum of 1,200 points, the CRS score is the determining factor based on which Express Entry profiles receive ITAs from IRCC.

It is highest-ranked Express Entry profiles, as per the CRS score, that are issued ITAs by IRCC.

Hence, the better the CRS, the higher the chances of a Candian immigration candidate being invited to apply for their permanent residence.

Nevertheless, even a low CRS might get you an ITA by IRCC, provided you secure a nomination from a provincial or territorial [PT] government in Canada.

A confederation, Canada is made up of 10 provinces and 3 territories.

With the exception of Quebec and Nunavut, all other provinces and territories are a part of the Provincial Nominee Program [PNP] of Canada.

Under the Canada–Québec Accord relating to Immigration and Temporary Admission of Aliens

Canada, Quebec has a comparatively greater autonomy with regards to the admission of immigrants into the province.

Nunavut, on the other hand, has no immigration program for the induction of newcomers into the territory.

A PNP nomination guarantees an ITA by IRCC. A PNP nomination – through any of the Express Entry linked PNP streams – fetches 600 CRS points for an Express Entry candidate.

Of the total 1,200 maximum CRS points available, while 600 are for human capital factors [age, education, work experience, language ability etc.], another 600 are set aside as ‘additional’ points.

Under the additional factors, the maximum of 600 CRS points can be got through a PNP nomination.

Arranged employment in Canada is worth 200 CRS points. Other factors that are considered for the additional CRS points are – French language skills [30 maximum points], post-secondary education in Canada [30 points maximum], and brother/sister living in Canada either as a permanent resident or citizen.

So, how many points are required for Canada PR? Depends on what stage of the Canada immigration process are you on.

Initially, you will be required to score 67 points to be eligible for Canada immigration as a skilled worker through the Express Entry system. Following the successful creation of an Express Entry profile and when a profile is in the pool of candidates, the points required will be as per the CRS.

In terms of CRS, the higher the CRS score, the brighter the chances of being invited to apply.

In conclusion, points required for Canada PR are – 67+ for eligibility, and preferably in the CRS 500+ range later when in the Express Entry pool.

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