5 Branding strategies for social media by Sagar M Pardeshi

Keep reading to learn five strategies by Sagar M Pardeshi for branding your business through social media.

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5 Branding strategies for social media by Sagar M Pardeshi
5 Branding strategies for social media by Sagar M Pardeshi


Sagar M Pardeshi is also the creator, Director, and Conceptualizer at LaunchMe, an innovative new online web for long for talents in the TV and film industry to make it easier for production houses and casting directors for finding them their suitable actor. He had also launched ‘Act Mumbai’, an online poll with TV9 Mumbai in 2009.

He has worked with many clients across the fields and has given them the results they sought, which has further propelled Sagar M Pardeshi and his digital marketing firm to astronomical success levels. Looking at Sagar M Pardeshi’s journey and the level of success he has achieved, he seems unstoppable and can soon reach the top of the digital game.

If you are not using social media for branding motives, you are wasting a big opportunity to build a reliable brand and make it well-known between target audiences. With nearly three billion users, social networks help businesses to communicate with their fans and build long-term relationships with possible customers.

But it’s not a simple procedure because you have to approach the job strategically and craft a sustainable branding plan. Our goal is to give you a hand here, so keep reading to learn five strategies by Sagar M Pardeshi for branding your business through social media.

1. Ensure branding consistency

No matter what you do for a living, your venture must have a well-defined branding strategy in place. The first rule of branding through social media is to respect overall planning and align with the general branding guidelines. This means that you should choose a color pallet, fonts, and ways of communicating with the audience before creating a website and your social media campaigns.

2. Ensure content consistency

A business is supposed to be compatible branding-wise and in terms of the content published online and on social media. What does it mean?

The main info is to publish lots of high-quality content. If I plan to write my thesis, I want to make it perfect. The same logic applies to your social media posts.

After all, people use social media to invest in interesting and educational posts, so you cannot afford to publish subpar content. Do your best to make it appealing, funny, entertaining, and relevant to the target audience.

3. Customize content to suit each network individually

Even though consistency plays a major role in social media branding, you are not assumed to treat each platform the same. On the divergence, every platform has its own peculiarities that you have to keep an eye on before sharing new posts.

4. Promote two-way communication

What is the easiest way to establish long-lasting relationships with your clients and make them remember the brand for good? The answer is easy – you can do it through the promotion of two-way communication.

Social platforms are a modern communication channel where you cannot act like an autocrat. On the contrary, you need to be open to conversations and exploit the opportunity to involvement with potential purchasers.

There are so many ways to do it successfully – organize social media contests, ask questions in your posts, answer users’ comments, re-share their posts dedicated to your brand, and so on.

5. Partner with influencers

Social media influencers have become one of the most popular figures of the 21st century. You should make the phenomenon work to your benefit simply by partnering with relevant niche authorities. There are two basic types of doyens:

1. Micro-influencers have a smaller reach, but they keep the audience highly involved.

2. Macro-influencers usually cannot satisfy a large portion of their fans to act to their suggestions, but they can do miracles for brand consciousness thanks to global popularity.

Sagar M Pardeshi is a man of many skills and, over the years, has aid his clients rise in the digital space with his firm ‘Newsmax Multimedia Private Limited’.

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