Dubai Art Fair: Top 5 picks

Here are few of the most interesting art works from 72 galleries across 31 countries at the recently concluded fair in Dubai.

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Dubai Art Fair: Top 5 picks


Art Dubai was a global art fair that kick-started on March 17 and concluded on March 20. The four day-long fair saw the participation of galleries and artists from all across the world. Here are few of the best art works shown...

1. This one is from the neighbourhood country — Pakistan. Artist Nazia Khan displays a series of miniature sculptures, the one with a mobile phone device that spurts out spoons and guns is rather interesting. It comments on the role mobile phones play in terrorism.

2. Artist Leonid Tishkov, represented by a gallery in Zurich, has a huge installation of a moon. He has been to countries like Italy, Australia, New York, Muscat and others and says the moon is his only companion.

3. A gallery from Seoul has displayed a neat floating ring made of crystal. Artist BAHK Seon Ghi’s work look like it is floating from far and when you get near you realise it is bound together with fine threads. Lee Hwaik, the President of The Lee Hwaik gallery from Seoul in Korea, says, “What is interesting about the work is the making and the way it appears. It is a decorative work. One that is pleasing to the eye.”

4. Artist Farouk Kondakji has designed a special seat made of
recycled wood. But the fun of it is that when you sit on this seat it feels like you are on a cushion. And also note that it is rather therapeutic. Displayed by a gallery in Jeddah, the work is trying to prove that nature is a survivor and requests people to conserve nature.

Another work by the same gallery shows small figures all draped in black wanting to pray together. This work by artist Nuha Al Sharif oozes positivity and that is the USP of the work. Hamza Serafi, a curator from Jeddah itself, says, “These two are very special works. The one with the seat is like an experimental art which gives joy to the viewer and Nuha’s works resonate the belief of praying together in a group. The vibes of these works are very special.”

5. Lastly, there is a 600 square foot wall sculpture made of
bottle tops that have been flattened to convert them into thin wires. Art critic from Hong Kong Cammy Yiu says, “This work caught my attention immediately. It’s striking and I like the way it is created.” Shown by a gallery in London, the creator of this work — El Anatsui has earlier made works out of obituary plates, wooden trays and other things.

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