Anant Ambani, Radhika Merchant's pre-wedding festivities: All you need to know about dress code for functions

The elegant invitation warmly welcomes guests with a curated dress code, ensuring they become part of Anant and Radhika's magical event.

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As the wedding bells chime for Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant, the excitement in the air is palpable, with the pre-wedding festivities promising to be nothing short of spectacular. Amidst the opulent setting of Jamnagar, where the Ambani family's grandeur knows no bounds, guests are gearing up for a three-day celebration like no other.

The invitation, adorned with regal elegance, not only extends a warm welcome but also outlines a meticulously curated dress code, ensuring that every attendee becomes a part of the magical tapestry woven by Anant and Radhika.

Day one of the festivities, aptly named 'An Evening in Everland,' sets the tone for elegance and refinement with its "elegant cocktail" attire. Guests are encouraged to don their finest evening wear, exuding grace and sophistication as they step into this enchanting realm of celebration.

The following day ventures into the untamed wilderness with 'A Walk on the Wildside,' where the dress code beckons a playful embrace of "jungle fever." As guests traverse through the Ambanis' animal rescue center, the attire calls for comfortable yet stylish ensembles, ensuring a seamless blend of adventure and allure under the open skies.

Transitioning from the rustic charm of the wilderness to the glitz and glamour of 'Mela Rouge,' attendees are invited to unleash their inner diva, adorned in glamorous attire fit for the red carpet. This dazzling transformation marks a crescendo in the celebrations, promising an evening of extravagance and allure.

As the festivities culminate, the final day beckons guests to immerse themselves in the tranquil beauty of Jamnagar with 'Tusker Trails,' where "casual chic" attire sets the tone for relaxed exploration amidst lush surroundings.

Finally, 'Hashtakshar,' meaning "signature," brings the celebrations to a majestic close with an evening of heritage Indianwear. As guests grace the occasion with their elegant attire, they leave an indelible mark on the grand saga of Anant and Radhika's union.

Beyond the attire, the celebrations are poised to offer a plethora of indulgences, from hairstylists and sari-drapers to makeup services, ensuring that every guest is enveloped in a cocoon of luxury and splendor.

As whispers of celebrity performances and illustrious guests adorn the air, the stage is set for a wedding celebration that transcends the realms of extravagance, promising memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.



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