A solo exhibition on thirst

Hailing from Ahmednagar, artist Nuril Bhosale's latest exhibition focuses on water and finding life in every drop.

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Hailing from Ahmednagar, artist Nuril Bhosale’s latest exhibition focuses on water and finding life in every drop. Aptly titled Thirst, the collection of semi-abstract paintings are in pen and ink on paper and canvas. “For a thirsty man, from the time that he spends finding water, till the moment when he sips the first drop of water, he experiences life,” says Nuril. “Even after this, water may not be all that he thirsts for. Even though he has tasted life, he thirsts again, for other things,” he says explaining his muse behind his series,

He very interestingly interprets his work, which comprises minimalist stokes as thus, “A line is a movement; a symbol of life. In its journey from a dot to a line and then into a shape, it experiences and creates life in this process. It momentarily gets joy as a shape, but again, it thirsts; thirsts to become a form. Even it, facing the skies, without blinking, still waiting for even two more drops of water. Similarly, a line, even after its thirst is quenched when it becomes a shape, its wants to become a form, it still thirsts,” the artist says.

When & Where: On till April 6, Gallery Pradarshak, Khar (W)

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