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That’s what experts at Calicut say about the benefits of Ayurveda on health...


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Updated: Sep 29, 2010, 10:16 AM IST

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There are several health benefits that Ayurveda offers. And The Ayurveda centre, at The Gateway Hotel Beach Road Calicut presents a range of treatment and rejuvenation programmes to suit a patient’s constitution and specific treatment requirements.

How the programme helps
Ayurveda believes in the treatment of not just the affected part, but also the individual as a whole. Making it the natural way to refresh you, eliminate all toxic imbalances from the body and thus regain resistance and good health. It has its roots in ancient Vedic literature and encompasses one’s  entire life, the body, mind and spirit.

These programmes range from 7 to 35 days, depending upon the individual’s specific requirements. To begin with, patients are treated using age-old techniques, under the supervision of some of India’s most respected Ayurvedic physicians. Secondly, the master chefs there have created an extensive menu of innovative dishes that are in accordance with Ayurvedic principles.

The 7-day programme is geared towards revitalising an individual.

Any prevalent weariness and fatigue is said to be cured by administering medicated herbal oils during the daily sessions of oil therapy, internal medicines as well as the prescribed yoga postures.

The 14-day programme is a more intensive course wherein the oil therapy pervades beyond the 14 layers of the skin, right down to the bone marrow. This results in an alleviation of joint pain and insomnia. It also gives the physician an opportunity to confirm the validity of his treatment and provide him an avenue to change the course of the treatment if necessary. In addition, it gives the patient the additional time to learn some of the more advanced asanas.

In relaxing Calicut
Adding to the experience is beautiful Calicut — with its beaches, back waters and waterfalls — in the Northern part of the state of Kerala. The backwaters are a lovely network of lakes, canals, estuaries and deltas — a picturesque sight indeed!            

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