Residents of Shakti Nagar left with property only on paper

Locals holding legal land deeds issued by JDA are left hopeless after been upheld as ‘illegal’

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Residents of Shakti Nagar left with property only on paper
Clockwise: A three-story building near Railway over bridge at Gopalpura Bypass collapses to debris. The building was punctured at several spots and a push from earthmover brought it down on Thursday; It challenges the sanctity of the JDA evacuation drive; Scrap dealers search for iron and other saleable items. The weighing gauge tilts loss of traders in favour of scrap dealers.


A handful of residents of Shakti Nagar area near Triveni crossing at Gopal pura Bypass are left with properties existing only on records of  JDA. These residents who are holding legal land deeds issued by JDA are left hopeless after their possession on these has been upheld as ‘illegal’ by the authority itself. An adjustment of the road median achieved between the JDA and illegal occupants had left these people to hold legal land deeds on the losing side of the road.

The issue is of properties lying along nearly 150 feet stretch of the bypass near Triveni Nagar crossing. The JDA enforcement team has demolished several of these and has spared few of those under court shelter. The JDA officials stand by their exercise.

“The road median was decided in a hearing in the case at the honourable high court, these people were not present there but every time an objection comes the route cannot be altered,” says SP JDA enforcement Rahul Jain.

However, a couple of properties at the stretch remain standing,  challenge the claim of JDA, terming it “jugglery of the median”. The residents claim that they have been granted legal land deeds and had possession of the land long before JDA decided to alter the road.

“The HC judgment that JDA is quoting refers to illegal occupants and JDA. We are holding legal land deeds were not part of it. We were not aware of the agreement that has been reached between the JDA and illegal occupants,” claims Ashok Saini, the advocate of one such affected resident.

The JDA land deals in possession of these residents clearly show that there existed a 160 feet road ahead of their properties and few of them had also got them converted to commercial land deals. Their possession was legal till survey held in 2014, but later the venal behavior by few JDA officers who had allowed unabated illegal construction at the bypass all these days also led to alteration of road median.

 These families are also forced to live in difficulties conditions, electricity and water connection to their properties have been cut down without any apparent fault on their side. 


The Gopalpura bypass remains a busy site all day with sounds of machines crushing the debris remains of structures razed. 
Those passing by involuntarily get drawn to the ruins on either side and amid them a handful of glittering buildings stand tall right at triveni crossing. As if grinning on the ill-fated neighbours. 

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