Activist Manhas asks people to lend helping hand to martyrs’ kin

Desh Group Activist, Vikas Manhas, in an event organised at St Xavier's College, Jaipur drew attention to the families of martyrs.

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Activist Manhas asks people to lend helping hand to martyrs’ kin

"Giving adequate attention to the families of martyrs should be promoted as a social cause for they need equal amount of care and support as anyone else who has lost a loved one," said Vikas Manhas, member of Desh Group, who has been visiting families of martyrs from past 17 years.

During the opening ceremony of Synergy’17, a two-day event organised by St Xavier’s College, Jaipur, Manhas said that one cannot imagine hardships the brave soldiers face on the borders and when they return home on annual leave- for a month- half of it goes in attending to work which gets accumulated during their absence.

“So as a small tribute to their service, we must help ease their work. Like if you find a soldier standing at the end of a queue, we can allow him to reach the counter first to save his time,” he said.

He explained that this is a very niche segment which requires attention.

“Whenever you think of doing something for the society, this is a very niche segment, but they also need you. The segment is so vast and scattered that everywhere you’ll find them," he added.

There are many organisations and societies which work for under privileged, setting up of libraries, environment, women, old age, but I have not come across anyone who thinks that these families of martyrs also exist in the society and need care and moral support.

“They don’t need any financial help, but they need someone because there is a lot to say and no one to listen to them,” he explained.

He narrated a small story while giving an example of what youngsters in Jaipur can do so as to contribute to this cause. We have a small memorial where captain Amit Bhardwaj was cremated. Since the time his body was retrieved, in 1999, everyday his father, after getting up in the morning would go to that place and clean it.

He would do stuff like putting flowers. Why can’t Jaipur as a society take the initiative of cleaning it? Can’t you spare one day in the morning to go and clean such memorials, Manhas asked.

Synergy 2017 is the sixth edition of the annual Economics Fest organised by the Department of Economics on ‘Forerunners of Change: From awareness to action.’

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