Will Iqbal Kaskar lead to Dawood Ibrahim? Unlocking D-Company mystery

From Mumbai to Dubai to Karachi, what's the story behind Mumbai underworld? Is Iqbal Kaskar's arrest an ultimatum to Dawood Ibrahim? Read to find out

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Will Iqbal Kaskar lead to Dawood Ibrahim? Unlocking D-Company mystery
Iqbal Kaskar (left) may have been in contact with Dawood Ibrahim, say reports.

It was just another Monday at a house in south Mumbai's Nagpada, where the occupants were busy watching Kaun Banega Crorepati and having biryani, when the Thane Police came knocking.

In what could be the biggest catch for India, ex-encounter specialist Pradeep Sharma and his team detained Iqbal Ibrahim Kaskar, the younger brother of India's most wanted criminal — Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar.

On the surface, it looks like a simple case of a Mumbai underworld criminal involved in an extortion racket targeting realtors and businessmen.

But why would the police arrest Iqbal Kaskar is an old extortion case now?

The answer lies in a special strategy adopted by India, reportedly formulated by National Security Advisor Ajit Doval, which is targeted to corner Dawood.

Iqbal Kaskar is a very strong link that can help New Delhi to unmask the D-Company syndicate.

The younger brother of Dawood Ibrahim, number 5 among 11 siblings, is relatively less  fierce than other Kaskar brothers.

An HT report quotes a police official, who said that Kaskar was a 'softy' in the D Company who ran extortion racket solely on 'merit' of his surname.

Iqbal Kaskar never went with Dawood and other brothers Anees and Noora to Pakistan.

He migrated to Dubai in late 80s, where he used to sell electronic items in shops given to him by Dawood.

After 9/11 attacks, when the security forces came down on the D Company, Iqbal Kaskar was deported to India in 2003.

He was booked in two case but was released on bail in 2007. The police said that he was running the extortion racket from the home of his sister Haseena Parker after her death in 2014.

As the latest reports suggest that Iqbal Kaskar was in touch with his brother Anees Ibrahim, the police may be able to prove the link between Kaskar and his brothers in Pakistan.

Amid all this, another important link in the D-Company mystery is Chota Rajan.

Once a great friend and partner, Chota Rajan is now an arch enemy of Dawood Ibrahim.

Arrested in Indonesia in 2015, Chota Rajan may be helping Indian security agencies with such specific intel.

He is providing much insight to the police to nab the second most richest gangster in the world after Pablo Escobar, an HT report said.

With arrest of Iqbal Kaskar, Dawood Ibrahim must be having sleepless nights in his plush home in Karachi.

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